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Thread: True Robbery!

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    oh yeah, I forgot the big10 doesn't allow them to show the full matches. Lame...

    Im sure that that call (or lack there of) will be included in the clip though

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    That brings up another point - is there video review now? Because the refs looked at that and another call on the monitor to quite a delay. Maybe Evans getting a near TD at the end of the period against Heflin?

    Might have been two for a reversal, but I don't think there was backs. In fact Roselli wasn't even fighting for the backs, just the reversal.

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    i think there is some talk of replay being tried next season.
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    reversal would have been an acceptable call, backs were there but questionable. A no change call is unacceptable in that sitation.

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    I have not seen the dual on TV yet but I was worried St. John was going to get pinned for a split second. Oh and replay has no place in wrestling. All it did tonight was stop the pace and give the gassing buckeyes a chance to get their wind back. This is wrestling, not paddy cakes. NO BREAKS!

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    seeing how the refs took about 10 minutes to review the call. (I have yet to see the replay) I did not have a good view from my seats. I will go with the refs on this one. same with the takedown in the Heflin/Evans match. They look at both for a long time.
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    As I watch it on TV it doesnt even look like the refs were watching anything during the reviews. Who actually reviews the call? I thinik if a referee would have reviewed the Demas reversal they would have gave him two but no near fall.

    And I watched the dual late last night but fell asleep during the 184 match so I started it back up this morning. Watched Burak and my DVR must have a heart and a sense of humor as it cut off right after that match ended and didnt record the Telford trash match.

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    Each coach has 1 review option during the match. Demas should of had the 2 reversal.

    In other matches, what was Heflin thinking. He wrestled stupid.

    DSJ and McD didn't look sharp for being ranked #1

    Telford didn't take an offensive shot the whole match and Capone deserved to win

    Ohio State was not ready to wrestle and conditioning or meet preparation got the best of them.

    Not the exciting dual and matches I thought they would have been. Both were pretty sloppy!

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    So what is the point of video review if the refs can't get this call right after reviewing it? Even Gibbons was dumbstruck by the call.
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