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Thread: Bedlam

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    Falcon can correct me if I'm wrong yet i thought (as an outsider ) the plan was for Chewy to wrestle 174 last year and then Perry made the cut down . Chewy is unbelievably talented .
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    That's possible but I think they had planned for Chionuma to use that redshirt to get used to D1 wrestling. Usually John will mention if a guy might not be the starter but he had always indicated that McNeil would start at 174 before Chris suddenly cut down. John loves redshirting kids so I always assume a redshirt was planned
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    Just throwing this out there - any chance Smith convinced JO to get to 141 and Kindig comes out at 149?

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    I don't see JO going 141. He looked incredible at and powerful. At one point, JO pulled Lester back in bounds with Lester's foot and then threw him like a rag doll. I think we are finally seeing JO at his full potential at this weight.

    Few other take-aways from the dual. Morrison looked good, Maple and JO will be tough to beat, both Lester's looked terrible (haven't changed at all since high school), Dieringer was great on his feet, and Bubby nearly knocked off an unimpressive Caldwell. Rosholt gased after the 1st period and should have lost. He looked slow and banged up, yet still made time to taunt the OU fans (Smith wasn't pleased). Z and Hall looked like they were about to throw down. Even with Patterson, Howe, and Rutt, OU would have still lost.

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    The Lesters appear to be incredibly inconsistent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gantry View Post
    Kindig comes out at 149?
    Let that poor man have his redshirt....
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    I'm selfish - want to see JO & Maple battle it out at 141.

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    I would love to see JO and Maple go at it. I would definitely pick JO, but Maple is dangerous. He could pull a Caldwell.

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    Alex Dieringer is a beast! Hate to see another great Wisconsin kid not wrestling for the Badgers. He is going to be a force to be reckoned with for a long time. Ringers trained, and seems to be working on that Askren style hairdoo!

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