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I have no doubt that scientologists do good deeds, and (as I said earlier) it helps many people get through tough times. Still, for my opinion of Scientology to change, I would have to see a defense of it and a refutation of the media accusations from a credible source other than scientologists.
If that happens in my lifetime, I will be very surprised. But then whoever expected the Berlin Wall to come down & Apartheid to end. There is always hope & hard work!

The best I have to offer is this:
How Religious Experts View Scientology
The link offers over 20 different studies done by various professors & theologians
from around the world written in about 5 different languages.
Some of the authors are from
Oxford University (UK)
Washington University (St Louis)
Southern Methodist University (Dallas)
Universities of Rome, Stockholm, New South Wales & Warwick,
If you care to look you might an essay or paper that strikes your fancy.

Anyways I guess i hijacked this thread long enough...