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    Quote Originally Posted by kr1963 View Post
    Got it. It is still a prejudice which I can tell from your statement is about a subject you know absolutely nothing about other than what you have been told by the media. This is the exact sort of thinking that eventually got Germans to cart away the Jews: one group of people actually are better than another or one group's thoughts/ideas/philosophies have value while another don't.
    If prejudice is borne of ignorance, then maybe I'm guilty; but unless everything I've read about scientology is completely off base, I stand by my assessment. All belief systems are not created equal.

    Quote Originally Posted by kr1963 View Post
    The IRS btw recognized my faith as a religion.
    Since when do you give any value to government recognition of anything?

    Quote Originally Posted by kr1963 View Post
    It has in its practice helped save my life, saved the life of my grandfather, gotten countless people off of drugs (myself included), rehabilitated criminals, made people literate, helped made many folks very successful in life, gotten rid of countless physical aliments, fought for human rights & exposed the mental health abuses & crimes.
    As you may know, I don't believe in any religion, but I recognize that some faiths, no matter how flawed or irrational, help many people deal with difficult situations. As John Lennon said, "Whatever gets you through the night." I also believe that all told, religion does more harm than good. As Mr. Lennon also said, "Imagine . . . no religion."

    Quote Originally Posted by kr1963 View Post
    Also some Jews hold the idea that you cannot convert to Judaism, that it is a RACE thing to them. You are born into it or not. So the analogy holds.
    I don't care what other people say. My categorization of scientology has NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE. You can call them racists, but don't call me one.
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