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Thread: 2012 Election Day Discussion

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    For those that didn't get to see Karl Rove make a fool of himself last night (my post above, #23), here is your baby! Keep in mind that every network had declared Ohio Obama's at this point, and, of course, Wiretap News was last to do so.

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    Indiana isn't talking about legalizing marijuana the way Colorado and Washington voters did this week, but key legislators from both parties are looking at decriminalizing possession of small amounts of the drug.
    Supporters say that prosecuting pot users carries too high a cost in state spending and ruined lives, crowding state prisons and damaging young offenders' futures.
    Democratic state Sen. Karen Tallian of Portage says decriminalizing pot is long overdue and the idea has strong public support.
    But Calvina Fay of the Drug Free America Foundation says pot isn't as safe as supporters claim and that loosening marijuana laws sends a bad message to kids.
    Both sides say they're waiting to see how the federal government reacts to other states' legalization moves.
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