Again I'm showing my stripes as a traditionalist. I know that there is debate as to whether a tech fall should be worth more points than a pin because it shows more dominance, but the ultimate goal of wrestling is to pin your opponent. Every scoring maneuver is geared towards getting you closer to a pin. I believe that when we wrestle to accumulate points and not for a pin, we are perverting the basic philosophy of the sport. I believe that take-em-down-and-let-em-up should be stalling because it is not working for a pin. When this style was becoming popular, it was justified by saying that some wrestlers can put their opponent on his back easier from their feet than from the mat, so by letting him up they are setting up a pin; but how many wrestlers let their opponent up and then go for a throw or other move straight to the back? But I digress. A pin should be the ultimate victory and nothing should be worth more (except maybe DQ by flagrant misconduct).