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    Swing state breakdown NOT looking too good today for Willard Mitt Romney, darling of the "Tea Party."

    NPR had a big panel on it this morning, and we're kind of back to where we were-swing state wise-just before the first debate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flop The Nuts View Post
    That's a very valid comment - i should have said that the rich and big biz are funding government outside of what we have to borrow to make up the shortfall. Neither end of that equation (major borrowing or relying on the rich) is an attribute of a sound fiscal policy.
    you aren't going to get a hell of lot of money from the poor either...
    REvenue needs to come from where the money is and it is the middle class and wealthy.
    No candidate that stands a chance of being elected will ever say that the middle has to pay their share as well.

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