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Thread: McD vs Stieber

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    Not saying Iowa doesn't have a good room. But all you people seem to think McDonough is invincible.

    I'm pointing out that Stieber wrestles all-Americans everyday in practice and has beaten world class in competition. You act like I kicked a sleeping dog awake.
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    I think this would be an incredible match, and I'd love to see it done at a catch weight. I would bet on McD, but I wouldn't wager much.
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    Steve I never said McDonough was invincible. McDonough is a better in the top and bottom than Ramos; I'd say he is a better scrambler than Tony. He better defense from the feet than Tony. As I said before biased. I think McDonough would beat Logan 6 out of 10 times if they wrestled 133 and 9 out of 10 125 or a catch weight.

    As an FYI McDonough has been wrestling with all americans and World and Olympic medalists for 4 years. So I'd say he has a leg up on Logan who has been in tOSU for two years and one of those he was injured if a remember correctly. Had it not been for a unique wrestler in Robles; McDonough would be a 3x champ. IMO
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    Interesting question. I would have to go with Steiber at 133 and McDonough at a catch weight or 125. At 133 I just think that Steiber is too much for him, but you never know I guess. With McDonough anything can happen and he will scrap to the very end.

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    I agree with Wiltz on this. McD is a huge 25lber and I think he would be tougher at 133 than 125. Steiber is a counter wrestler against top flight wrestlers and McD is a better scrambler so the edge goes to McD in my opinion.

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    In what way is Stieber a "counter wrestler?" He shoots leg attacks, gets takedowns and rides like crazy. Honestly his defense is probably his biggest weakness.

    He took it to JO, scoring off his shots. That's how he beat Tony as well.
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    Yep Vais I agree with you that his defense is probably his biggest weakness. Although you must admit that Ramos doesnt allow him to get off many of his shots, and at times controlled the pace last year. He rode Ramos out though and that was the difference. Steiber is probably the 2nd best rider in the country besides Dake. "I Choose Down"

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    Ramos does as good a job as anyone wrestling Logan.

    That being said he's given up TD's in every match theyve wrestled.
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