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Thread: VAisforlovers no-spin-zone-roster evaluation

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    Quirky Herkey.

    Colon-Nice upside, but missing an entire semester does not give me lots of confidence for a guy trying to adjust to a new weight.
    He missed an entire semester last year and tore it up until he got to nationals. Don't know what happened there but it won't happen again. I'm not totally convinced that he will actually make it down to 25, but if he does he will be a great flex. If not, we already know what he can do at 33.

    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    Quirky Herkey.

    133-Levi Wolfensperger-We will see. When you took him it wasn't a huge risk. He was at 41 last year because he wasn't as good as Colon. Colon didn't AA. You like him. So we will see.
    Wolfy's a dark horse. Last year he was unmotivated and even quit the team once. This year he is back and focused. If Colon can make 25 Wolf will be at his natural weight. I like him. Hope I am right about him.

    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    Quirky Herkey.

    Valenti-I mean everything I said about him. Didn't want him. Wouldn't take him straight up for Santos right now. My plan almost worked, but GBR broke my heart. He has a nice schedule, but won't win his conf. WILL NOT all american again.
    He's not a shitty wrestler and his schedule looks good. Do you know what happens when you only draft great wrestlers with bad schedules in this league? I do.

    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    Quirky Herkey.

    Kemerer-Stupid pick. Maybe he has a good schedule but he's not a good wrestler.
    I wouldnt call it a stupid pick just yet. He's not great but he's good enough to get some good wins when he needs to fill in for me.

    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    Quirky Herkey.

    165-Caldwell. MAKE HIM COME TO EWWWWWWWWW. Right? Nice pick for rd 3 but not much upside. 3rd is his ceiling and Mike Evans is coming for him!
    I actually forgot that he wrestles for the Pokes now. It's going to be hard to cheer for him. 3rd is not his ceiling if Dake goes down and maybe not even if Dake stays up. He's been in the finals so he knows how to get there...BY NOT SHOOTING!

    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    Quirky Herkey.

    184-Loder-You love him. He's disappointed at NCAA's so far. Not bad, not great. Ceiling is low considering the guys at 184 this year.
    184 is very tough this year. Loder can wrestle with the best he has some good wins over the past two years. And he racks up bonus points. He'll come through at Nattys this year.

    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    Quirky Herkey.

    197-Burak-We will hope and pray this was a good pick, won't we.
    I took Burak with my last pick with my fingers crossed. If he doesnt make the lineup it's not that big of a deal, I can always pick up Lira. haha.

    BTW, accboy says your draft sucked.

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    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Break me down, break ME down! Ha ha.
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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    Kurt Russell: The star in one of my all time favorite movies Tombstone. Prepare to be judged.

    125-Trent Sprenkle-He was your keeper in round 8. Nothing special about that, but a solid keepers. Trent should win his conference(right?). 125 is pretty deep, so it's possible you get comparable value later, but he's a safe bet to be decent at least.

    133-Brian Owen-A decent enough guy, but he is fairly under the radar, so he probably could have been taken later. I suppose he wins the Pac 10. Not an AA caliber guy from what I can tell.

    Zehner-Has a few legit wins, and was your last pick. Not going to hate on that one bit.

    141-Morales-Not a great wrestler, but you could have done worse. Your 141 by committee should be alright with WVU's and Hofstras schedule. I don't see an AA between the two though.

    Vaith-Another decent guy, decent wins, decent schedule. Will score you points, but ultimately not help you at NCAA's.

    149-Sakaguchi-Skilled guy. You picked him in just about the right spot. Not going to win his conference, will probably win a lot of matches with his good schedule. He's behind: JO, AA, Chamberlain, Ness at the very least, and will struggle with Vinson and Tessari. 5-8th place is probably what you're looking at.

    149-CVO-I've never been a huge fan of Von Ohlen. I feel like people over value him because he pins a lot. He's just awful on his feet. Round 5 feels early for a guy who probably wont/cant do much better than r12. Even if he places it'll be 7/8. Not awesome value, but not a huge reach either.

    157-Fleming-3rd round seemed early for the Clarion choker. However, he's going to get a lot of bonus, should wins his conference and could place again. I'd like someone with more upside than James, as I don't see any way he beats DSJ, Welch, Green or Alton this year. I know he pinned Dylan at the NLO. Won't happen again. Fleming is a good guy to have because you don't have to worry with backing him up. Not a bad pick.

    165-DT-Best in the business. Can't miss.

    174-John-Martin Cannon-7th round a bit early for JMC. Had a decent RS year but his last year competing he had some bad bad losses. Not a huge fan of this pikc.

    Zanetti-Liked this pick a lot. Decent upside, and worst case scenario he gets you a lot of points with Rutgers schedule. Very possible he wins the EIWA. Rutgers cant ALWAYS choke at NCAA's, right? Good pick either way. I think he's better than JMC.

    184-Steinhaus-Not bad. Late round 2 isn't a bad spot to grab him. He doesn't have the upside you'd like to have with a 2nd rounder as I see him firmly behind Ruth, Bosak and Hamlin. By the same token, I don't see any way he doesn't place.

    197-Hernandez-Again not a terrible pick, but I think there were better guys that could have been taken later. I'm not sure he places again to be honest.

    285-Spencer Myers-Is redshirting.

    Jimmy Lawson-Played Football last year. Rd 13 is decent I guess, but even if he's good, he's still going to be behind Nelson, Telford, McMullan and co. in the Big 10 alone. Not a lot of upside. His schedule is tough.

    Matt Gibson-Real nice value for him. Schedule is awful, needs a back up(not named Jimmy Lawson)
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    GBR is up!

    125-Bonanno-Seemed a bit early for Bonanno. He will do nicely for you. Score points, win conf, etc. Don't see the upside for him and really think it's 40/60 that he places again at NCAA's.

    Rappo-Yeah, awesome value for Mark at this point. He's beaten a lot of solid wrestlers. He's on the level of Bonanno from a skill stand point and you got him 8 rounds later.

    133-Schopp-Had Ramos not fallen to me, AJ was a guy I wanted bad. Nice pick. I look for him to place, and score a lot of points along the way. 4th round is nice.

    Arujau-Don't see a ton of upside for Nick, but you like him I'm sure being a Cornell fan and you have more info coming to you from that program so maybe you think he'll be a lot better. Round 14 so not a huge risk anyways. I just don't see Schopp needing a backup.

    141-Kendric Maple-You gotta be elated to hear JO to 149. He's the favorite to win 141 now. He's a stud. A good pick became great.

    149-Brascetta-Sigh. This really hurt. Good pick. I wanted him one spot later. I think he wins the ACC.

    157-Hickman-He's a solid enough guy. Behind Fleming in conference. I think he's got a nice shot at placing. Really tough kid. Solid pick.

    165-Yohn-Nearly took him. Decided to get Graham. Yohn has good upside. Good pick, though his schedule/conf make him need a back up.

    Greisheimer-an ideal backup for Yohn. Good schedule, should win conf, decent upside. Unfortunately LIMartin cursed him years ago.

    Massa-If he wrestles you'll look smart. If he doesn't, no big deal.

    174-Fausey-I think Jon has a nice season.7th round is a nice spot for him. Will be interested to see how he adjusts to weight cut.

    184-Bosak-He's not winning again. Round 3 is really nice value for him though. So good keep.

    Taras Luzhnyy-15th round. No risk. I remember hearing about this guy. I like this pick a lot actually.

    197-Burak-Good spot for Micah. He's just a solid, boring guy but he should place again. Good value for when you took him.

    Schiedel-Worst case scenario he scores a lot of points. Best case, yeah, he's probably just going to score a lot points. Don't see much upside, but there's always a shot.

    285-Nelson. I debated taking him, decided not to. Smart pick by you though. If Z goes down he's the favorite to win. Worst case he wins Big 10 again and only loses a match or two this season.

    Your team is very good.
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Whippet, Whippet good. He's a little new to this, so I'll try to be helpful.

    125-Triggas-Was very mediocre even the year he placed. Has been training Greco the last year. He's going to be a big disappointment for you this year I think. Could be wrong here, but round 4 is way too early for Nikko regardless. In a brutal conf with a decent, not great schedule.

    133-Stieber-I probably would have taken Kilgore, but I cant fault you for taking Logan here. Complete stud. Good job.

    Gambucci-He's bad, I wouldn't want him on my team. Rd 12 was very early, you could have waited till rd 16, or later.

    141-Neibert-He's good but round 5 is somewhat early. Won't fault you for nabbing him though.

    149-Tessari-Again, you're taking good wrestlers, don't get me wrong, just a little early. Same with Cam.

    157-Monk-He's going 165, fyi. He has good upside. Good wrestler, taken early.

    Nicholson-Very very nice pick. Liked this pick a lot. Nicholson is solid.

    165-Polz-Nice value for Polz. Good pick.

    Lewandowski-You took him late, I wouldn't have taken him, but it's not a horrible pick. It's round 15, he'll win you matches.

    174-Heflin-He was someone I was targeting if I couldn't get Storley. Potential finalist. Good job.

    Welch-Don't get this, like at all.

    Newburg-round 9 way too early for Casey Newburg, he is very average.

    Palik-Again, good guy for fantasy, way way too early.

    Chalfant-Good upside with Adam. Talented but in a good conference. Indiana can develop heavyweights decently.

    Ernest James-Nice pick.
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    125 Thorn is a stud - he is better than his brother Mike and everyone will wish they had drafted him after he pins Sprenkle at the Bison Open in a couple weeks. I can honestly say that I wanted Nick Soto (as Thorn's BACKUP)....but figured he was off everyone's radar and I could wait until the last round or two. My second 125lber is just a regular season point scorer to compensate for Minny's lack of scored tournaments early in the year.
    133 Chris Dardanes will be a finalist this year! Theilke was a nice little lottery ticket I grabbed because he is a great wrestler and I think the best of this year's freshman class.
    141 Wanted Port, but someone else over valued him. Tyler Small is 50/50 to redshirt.....I got him in the late rounds as another lottery ticket. I've got three guys lined up to grab in drop/adds if he doesn't wrestle.
    149 Chamberlien is golden......or was until that darn JO moved up. I hope JO takes some lumps and goes back to 141. Mason is a great wrestler.....when he wants to be. He could win 149......or not even make the tournament. I'm hoping that he is starting to realize that his opportunities are diminishing and get some focus.
    157 Winston isn't fleet of feet, but should be able to overpower most 157lbers. Should AA and has a good schedule.
    165 Martinez is a value pick. I think R12 and low AA if he gets a favorable draw. I expected Sheptock to be here, but rumor is that he is going up to 184.
    174 Perry is the top dog in this weight. With his poor schedule I grabbed Lance Bryson to give me some easy points......but Lance is going up to 184 so he is almost worthless to me
    184 Bennett is top 5. Wait...let's make that 5th, lol. He won't beat anyone better....but won't lose to anyone worse either. I now have two back ups (shep & Bryson)....
    197 Wilps will stun the world when he knocks off Kilgore, similair to the way he beat Honeycutt last year.
    Gadsen is a stud and everyone knows it. If he is healthy he could be a finalist.
    Hwt. I love Hanke! He will be the 2012 Heavyweight NCAA Champion. Report is that he is beefed up to 265. He has proven that he can marginalize Z and can handle Nelson's phisicality.

    I felt my first 8 picks of the draft were great. Second half I was 50/50 but oh well.

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    Small is redshirting.
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Buck is still in the denial stage.

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