Starting off with My very own Buffalo Bills.

125-Jarrod Garnett-Nabbed him in kind of a weird part of the draft. 6th round is decent value for Jarrod. Pinned Delgado last year and is going to be hungry as a senior. If I had known I'd get Soto in the 14th I might not have taken him. But he's got a great schedule, great bonus, will win his conference, and I think he gets on the podium this year. That's good value for rd 6.

Nick Soto-Had my eye on him all along, but figured someone would see the value I did in him at 25(where he should have been all along). Amazing schedule. Will destroy the So. Con, and has very good upside. Not sure how long he's on my team, he might get moved, but I'll be glad to have him throughout.

133-Ramos-Wished and hoped Tony would fall to me, and thankfully he did. 133 scared me past Dardanes/Sentes and I knew I'd have to take one of them earlier than I'd want. So getting a quality 33 was a priority. I love Tony and think he gets 2nd at WORST.

Cody Brewer-My favorite sleeper of the whole draft. I think he's awesome.

Jimmy Gulibon-looking at some of the other 33's that were drafted, I figured if Jimmy wrestles I'll have some really nice trade bait for those people who drafted the Geoff Alexanders of the world(just an example). If he doesn't wrestle, that's why we have add/drops.

141-Nevinger-Never thought I'd get him because typically returning AA's get over-valued and taken too early. Round 8 is amazing value for a guy with as many quality wins as he had. JO leaving the weight bumps him up another spot too. Bonus.

Port-He was the best guy available at the time, as I wasn't ready to draft my sleepers yet. Awesome sched. Conf champ. Good wrestler coming off a solid r12 freshman season.

149-Santos-Sigh. Really felt like Nick Brascetta would last through round 9. I was wrong by 1 spot so I wound up with Santos in round 13 which is actually awesome value for a r12 guy with wins over Vinson, Mason, Habat, Bradley and Villalonga. He's not amazing, but he's better than a lot of guys and at rd 13 I couldn't be happier.

157-Dong-5th round may seem early for Jesse, but I HATED any of the other options at 157 and knew Jesse at WORST will be a great bonus guy, nice conference and nice schedule. I'd be surprised if he didn't aa this year. There were better overall guys in rd 5, but not at 57. So I was glad to have him.

165-Graham-Really wanted Evans but Gold tragically over-valued him, so it wasn't meant to be. This is not a deep weight and I really did not have any sleepers that I trusted to man the weight solo. Graham had some really nice wins, is in a nice training environment with an awesome coach.

174-Storley-Was thrilled to get Logan in the 3rd. Big upside guy. Hit the semis as a true freshman. Only going to get better. Potential finalist.


197-Quentin Wright-I fantasized about getting Tony and Q with my first two picks. I got him. He's the only person in my mind with a shot to beat Kilgore and he's on my team. I've been through the ups and downs with Quentin and it's only right he is with me again as he rides into the sunset.

Haynes-This dude is super good. 7th round he was an amazing pick. He teched powless last year. Owned Rosholt 10-4(who was drafted before him), majored Yohn and beat him solidly another time and a win over Burak(who also went a round earlier) 6-0. One of the best value picks of the draft.

285-Cooper-I've made fun of Cooper in the past, but he's an all american and was r12 last year. Wins over Zach Rey, Gwiaz x 2, Myers, Gibson and Chalfant(who went in same round). He has an awesome schedule and is a talented guy. Couldn't believe he slipped so far.

Longendyke-He's just a big strong athlete. Nice RS year. Great upside. Tough conference. We'll see.

I am happy with my team and they're all still undefeated.