So fact check had it basicaly even on exageration. We all know that each side is twisting numbers and selecting specific facts to support their argument.

In regards to the 47% when I heard those comments I believed Romsney was correct in the sense I think he was speaking. I thought he was speaking about winning the election, inwhich case he is right he cant concern himself with the 47% who will vote for Obama no matter what if he wants to win the election. I could be wrong but thats what I heard, just like I dont think Obama is concerned about the top 1 or 2% because he knows the majority of them are not going his way.

I am afraid of another Obama Biden presidency, I dont think he did a good job at all in the first term, and certainly did not do enough to deserve a second. Just like I thought Bush didnt deserve a second term.

Either way the fact is the debate was close. I am happy for you that Biden spoke to the and energized the base which is what he needed to do, he just didnt win the debate.