I was watching The military Channel's Declassified and this was just declassified a year or two ago according to them (too lazy to fact check) yet the film is about the escape of 6 hostages from the 1979 iranian revolution .
The CIA's top Black op guy comes up with a plan to fake a movie (ARGO) and rescue the hostages . ALL of this is true and the people are all still alive so (after seeing the aftereffects of that one lame anti muslim movie -are we sure we want this to air now ?
I was at IU when all this went down and one TA just left the university as anti muslim sentiment was so high .IU has a beautiful library and muslims were painting THE SHAH IS A MURDERER and a 100 other things all it and all over campus - hell , 1/2 of us had no idea who the SHAH was at the time when the Ayatollah took over .
THIS is not some lame ass B- movie filmed by some clown -this is a multi million dollar production guaranteed to rile some people up.
Anyone else think this is bad timing ?