Okay, my recovery was quicker than I anticipated. Looks like the ole liver still has a few good years

To your question about the top 5 percent being wealthier than before. Honestly, I don't care enough about other people's bank account to know. I will assume they are indeed richer. I won't argue that, I will simply take your word for it. What confuses me is that you ask "at whose expense?" That sounds like you are saying they stole it from people like that one ponzi scheme guy a few years ago. What's his name? That will bug me all day....Anyway, I don't think they stole it. No one's bank account was tapped into that I know of. It takes money to make money. The first million is the toughest. There are a million other sayings just like those two. The sayings are a hundred years old. So this shouldn't come as a suprsise.

Maybe you should explain how they stole it and from who because I fear we are talking about two different things.

As far as school goes, the public school system is broken. It is all based on standardized testing and college prep classes. Why should a kid be forced to take classes he will never use instead of having the choice to learn HVAC repair and installation? Why do kids graduate HS with not a single valuable tool or experience to begin a career? There are vocational schools that do a decent job. I think they should expand the options. Not all women want to be a nurse aide or cosmotologist. Not all guys want to learn autobody. I suggest HVAC, CDL, general maintenance, carpentry, plumbing, office management, lawn care.....The point is that people will publically say that the nation needs more blue collar jobs but then privately tell their own children to go to college so they aren't forced to "dig ditches" for a living. They prove this mentality by the way public schools are structured. Kids grow up thinking that they are a failure if they don't have a degree and end up working in a factory. So we have a generation of college degreed adults who refuse to "lower" themselves to dig a ditch.

The basic attitude in America needs to change. Start taking ownership of your own life, take the federal government out of schools and quit blaming everyone else for your situation. That's just my opinion. I wpuld love to hear your thoughts on why I should care about someone elses bank account. I'm sire there are things I haven't considered.