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Thread: Will Obama be held accountable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UGLY View Post
    What jobs today are directly attributed to the stimulus? What growth in our GDP is directly tied to it? Surely you aren't banking on green energy.

    I will say this, if all of the money had gone to infrastructure improvements then I would have been for the stimulus, because those projects would have not only improved our nation and created jobs that lasted years, helping local and federal economies. I dont think that anyone would dispute this.
    These are some pretty heavy hitters here saying that the stimulus worked. The CBO, alone, is enough for me.

    Here's the fact check analysis of it and job creation. : Did the Stimulus Create Jobs?

    This is a review of nine separate studies on the stimulus. The majority show that it was effective. Did the stimulus work? A review of the nine best studies on the subject - The Washington Post

    The CBO stating that it worked. Congressional Budget Office defends stimulus - The Washington Post

    80% of economic experts and economists state that it was very effective. Poll Results | IGM Forum
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    Quote Originally Posted by UGLY View Post
    Surely you aren't banking on green energy.
    Make that sell here in Iowa, where our second largest profitable industry is agriculture, which is all based on green energy today, due to ethanol and biofuels. Couple that with Iowa being in the top three in wind energy production today and that doesn't fly very well here.

    Even our republican governor and our republican Iowa delegation is stating their case to Willard Mitt Romney to not end the subsidy to it. See, republicans LOVE gubment money when it benefits their local interests! Romney's wind energy stance puts him at odds with key Iowa Republicans - ABC News
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    A reasonable assessment of 500 of Obama's campaign promises:

    PolitiFact | A scorecard on President Obama's campaign promises

    And another list of top ten promises kept and promises broken:

    By my count at least seven of the broken promises are things that are important to liberals and conservative should be happy that he has not be able to get done.

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    Isn't this the nature of the beast when you have 4 year elections ? Any newly elected president has a 1 year honeymoon , a 2 year adjustment battle then a one year reelection campaign . When exactly is he supposed to implement any of his campaign promises ? EVERY president adopts the step child of his predecessor -extend the first term to 6 years then limit the second (if there is one) to 4 years .
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