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Snackem, I can't argue because as I said, I'm not that well versed in the facts. I do believe that Obama is not the scourge that right wing extremists make him out to be, but is honest and well intentioned. I have seen a lot of anti-Obama propaganda that even to my naive eyes is obviously based on half truths and innuendo.

I was on the fence about whom to vote for until Romney chose Ryan as his running mate. To me, that shifted him from a moderate to a hard line right winger, which is a little too extreme for me regarding social issues.
I think that I'm one of the few hard right wingers that DOES believe this. I'd love the chance to meet him and have a beer sometime. I think the same thing about Bush, Clinton, Bush, etc. I'm always shocked by what the far right says about Obama and I'm just about as far right politically (socially too) as people can get. I was also always shocked at the vitriol that the left directed at Bush. Then both sides get mad when the other does it. I think that is what turns a lot of people off of politics. I do love some negative campaigning (as long as it is based on fact, and policy/social/recent character issues; I don't care what Obama, or Romney did as a college student, I know that I've made mistakes) mainly because Romney isn't going to tell me his short coming, or what I might not want to hear. Obama isn't going to do that either.

I was also on the fence about Romney until his pick of Ryan, then I decided that he might be the guy for me. I just wish that Romney was a little farther to the right.