Spider I don't disagree with you at all. When Bush spends money it's understandable and necessary. When Obama spends money it's frivalous and wasteful or more big government deficit spending. On the flip side when Obama sends troops into battle it's the right/only option/humane thing to do. When Bush does the same thing he's a war monger.

I would argue however that with the original post of this thread was talking about (cutting the deficit in half) was an Obama promise, and he's done nothing to even attempt to cut the deficit. In fact all he's done is increase the deficit. I'll agree that Bush did the same thing, and I was even more pissed when he did it than now. I also did not vote for Bush, or Obama. I'm also growing tired of the constant excuse that "The other guys do it too." Maybe it's time that everyone puts on their big boy pants and come through with some of their promises, or at least attempt to.