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He didn't shoot in the last 10 he got shucked to his knees, he was worn out by that point, I don't think he should have beat yazdani, because after the first period he was outwrestled and bullied, maybe the tigiev match wore on him? I think yazdani was the 1st person i've seen score a leg shot on him at 96.

And ODH gassed? Yeah from pressure, clearly you don't watch many brands matches, yazdani overwhelmed him with pressure and slick leg shot and shot defence, deny as much as you want that was one of the best matches of the tournament, if you disagree you're simply trolling.
You call this match the real final and ignore the results of the tournament
I will call Gadisov the winner over Yazdani and ignore the scoreboard as well.
The IOC disagrees with both of us.

In all seriousness, it was a good match and a great match for fans of Yazdani. He did an awesome job wearing out Gadisov, who himself was impressive almost winning the third when he was clearly out of gas in the 2nd.