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One of the many things i like about the new rules is the lack of the stalling/passisivity calls...referees played to big part in matches
I also like the pushout rule ans especially the bestof three. Thisgoes along way to prevent stalling

I hate the clinch and the tiebreaker rule. Last point scored should not win the period. And a tiebreaker clinch is really only needed if there is a tie after the third period. If the score is tied after two minutes let it count as a tie period.
That is an interesting take on the best of 3 rule. I think it creates more stalling than it prevents. I think there would be a bigger emphasis on turning opponents if the score accumulated.

I am on the fence about the pushout. If they changed it to only being a point if you had the opponent's leg in the air or had both hands locked around the body then I would like it more. At least that way a takedown attempt is being made and it isn' t a bullfight or shoving match.

I don't like last point winning either. What would happen if first point won the tie break? Wouldn't that cause the other wrestler to be more aggressive quicker and lead to more action if he knew a simple takedown didn't win it? Wouldn't he try harder for turns or a a second takedown if he knew he needed it? I don't know if it would or not, just asking.