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Hahaha it's funny how much you're reaching on this... AND how you choose to ignore their head-to-head record. AND the fact that Schlatter had a MUCH larger collection of impressive wins. AND their career records. You use a slightly better collection of NCAA performances and say it outweights all of the other "on the mat" information. I'm not going to merit any more of your shallow arguments with a response.

Someone should make a poll: "Who was better: CP Schlatter or Mike Chandler?"
LOL, I'm reaching? I'm a guy from Florida with no ties to Mike Chandler other then the fact that I like his wrestling style. You are from Ohio (CP's home state) and Lost is from Minnesota and is a Gopher fan (where CP wrestled college). Ask any wrestling coach in the country what matters in NCAA wrestling, and they'll tell you the same thing: It's what happens in March. Head to head means little with deciding who the better overall wrestler is, since a lot of times results like that can be the result of a bad match up. Look at Mark Perry and Johnny Hendricks. I think most would feel that Perry had the superior career, even though Hendricks pounded him overall in the head to head matchups.

March is what matters. In March, Mike Chandler > CP Schlatter.