okay, for those that have seen me post I try to help out anyone as much as I can. I am thinking about setting up a youtube channel for wrestling specifically related to this forum. Too many time I find that myself and others try help others with just a thread reply. I'd like to address questions posted on this forum with a direct video on youtube. I would need to clear this with the other coaches and the school that I coach at but I don't see it being an issue. Please let me know your thoughts on this and if a mod could chime in to let me know if this is something that we could do. This channel would be up and running by the weekend after Labor Day as I start that week with my junior high kids. each video will be a maximum length of 5 minutes addressing the direct question posted on this forum. I am looking to address up to 3 question per week during the high school wrestling season but no less than 1 per week.