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    55KG not looking too good for us at Olympics......Maybe we should have another wrestle off.....Tervel is kicking ass and Logan Steiber continues to impress he totally dismantled competition. I believe Bergman is in the final as well but have not seen the results as of yet

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    Dlagnev in the final vs. young, dynamic, non-stop attacking Taha Akgyul (Tur) - it wasn't an easy victory. In the 2nd period - from the clinch. He looked tired at the end.

    An hour ago in the 74 final, Gentry beat Ramazan Shahin (Tur) 2:0, 1:0 clinch.

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    Bergman beat Balci- impressive.
    Friggin' awesome about Gentry! Continues to get better, maybe a dark horse for an Olympic medal? Can't wait to see him vs Burroughs at the Canada cup.
    Garcia also made the finals, losing in 3 to Spridiov (former world bronze).


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    An edited clip from Stieber's finals match.

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