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Thread: World Greco Rankings

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    Koopa are you going to make your gold medal predictions for Greco-Roman?

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    Not that I expect to be very accurate, but I'm predicting/hoping for these:
    55- Sourian over Azerbayjan
    60- Nouroozi over Aliyev
    66- Abdelvi over Lester
    74- Vlasoev over Cebi
    84- Marinov over Khugaev
    96- Abdel-Fatah over Guri
    120- Lopez over Kayalalp

    Iran with the team title

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    My guess would be:

    1. Sourian IRI
    2. Choi Gyu-Jin KOR
    3. Ragymov UKR 3. Bayramov AZE

    1. Noroozi IRI
    2. Lashki GEO
    3. Aliyev AZE 3. Kebispayev KAZ

    1. Abdovali IRI
    2. Guenot FRA
    3. Tsakhaia GEO 3. Lorincz HUN

    1. Vlasov RUS
    2. Madsen DEN
    3. Julfalakayan ARM 3. Bacsi HUN

    1. Shorey CUB
    2. Hietaniemi FIN
    3. Gegeshidze GEO 3. Vasyl Rachyba UKR

    1. Guri BUL
    2. Aleksanyan ARM
    3. Abdelfattah EGY 3. Lidberg SWE

    1. Lopez CUB
    2. Kaylaap TUR
    3. Pherselidze GEO 3. Byers USA

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    Thanks Koopa,
    I am going with
    55 Choi
    60 Noroozi
    66 Abdevali
    74 Vlasov
    84 Betts (home state bias, probably won't happen but right now I can hope)
    96 Lidberg finally gets the gold
    120 Lopez

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    which countries that lopez can face in the finals present the great chance of him "losing"?

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    I would think Russia and Turkey for sure. Possibly Azerbaijan

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    Perhaps, but in 2008 Lopez wrestled Baroev in the finals and beat him (after a suspicious loss in the world finals previously). I'm betting he goes all out again.

    On a side note, can you imagine how annoyed Kayaalp is if he did, in fact, beat Lopez legitimately? Beats the best greco wrestler in the world and no one believes him... (FWIW I think Lopez threw that match).

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    I was just listing countries where it would make sense to bribe

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    Maybe it's just me being naive, but I honestly think that Kaylaap actually beat Lopez. Mijain looked very tired in the end of the fight. Maybe he's just a good actor
    However, I highly doubt that he would let anyone buy him in London since two olympic golds is something that even a poor Cuban guy would prefer over money.

    Guys that could give Lopez trouble would be Baroev (RUS), Kayalaap (TUR), Patrikeeyev (ARM) and also Pherselidze from Georgia is always dangerous with his great suplex

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