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Thread: 2012 Russian FS Nationals

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    I haven't been watching but apparently Otarsultranov beats Lebedev! I guess that's what happens when you don't compete all year. I hope Otar gets to go to the Olympics- one of my favorite guys, plus I think he'd win it.

    M. Batirov injured out,and Ketoev sucking back down to 84 kg, according to the Canadian forum.

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    yes, ketoev at 84

    watch the 74 final now saitiev-tsargush

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    Just caught the last few seconds. Tsargush has the leg, Saitiev looking to lock up a cradle but can't score. Tsargush wins.

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    Tsargush doing what he does best sending everyone to sleep.

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    The pylon returns then? How did the rest of the match go?

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    First was clinch tsargush didn't lock the hands but they didn't care anyway, 2nd period he did nothing satiev lot of fakes and clinching tsargush just hanging in a headlock he got warned for stalling then satiev shot in and tsargush went from a headlock to a single and finished for one then stalled out the rest of the period, just a typical tsargush match.
    So whats going to happen with lebedev is that it for him and otarsultanov goes to olympics, even though lebedev is the 2 time reigning champion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbdaz View Post
    Tsargush doing what he does best.....
    singlet grips )))
    did you notice this in his 2nd match (vs. dadaev)? at 4:55.

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    I think the coaches pick the team.. but I would bet that Otar does go over Lebedev. Otar isn't some unknown, he was probably the #2 guy in the world before this tournament. Same thing happened 4 years ago, Muradov beat Gatsalov 4x defending champ and go to go.

    In fact, I might be wrong, but didn't Lebedev make his first world team as a relative unknown over the more accomplished Otarsultranov?

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    Quote Originally Posted by akzent View Post
    I think he scored at the begining of the 2nd.
    Plus, the referee stopped some of Geduev's actions at a point when he was (possibly) going to score.

    Notice also that after yesterday's draw, Saitiev had #47 (last one) in the brackets. Over the night this changed, so that this morning he started as #17 (and initial #17 Kelekhsaev became #47).

    As #17 Saitiev wrestled 4 matches to reach the final. As #47 he should have wrestled 5 matches.
    The referees love the Saitiev brothers I think, both have had a lot of calls go their way over the years. Adam has had some really controvetial victories. Off the top of my head: over Romero at the worlds, Gatsalov at the nationals (later changed to a draw I think), Muradov at the Yarygin and so on.

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