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Weaver was a retired green beret -his wife was a fundamentalist who believed in the coming apocalypse so Weaver bought some land in a very remote area and home shooled their kids and learned to live off the land .Just wanted to be left alone .
I don't think he retired from the Green Berets. He was a Green Beret but didn't retire. In fact, he said one of the reasons he wanted to move out of society was because he couldn't see himself working in a factory for another 30yrs just for 3 weeks vacation to a tourist trap every year. But, yeah, he and his family just wanted to be left alone. Looks like his mistake was attending the Aryan Nation meeting out of curiosity. That's where the snitch found him and set him up. And when I say that I mean that it was actually found to be entrapment in court. It's a shame that the government can't just let people live.