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Thread: Taylor/Grajales in the room..

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    There is no case to be made as to who is better other than opinion. Don't try to use random common opponents or who beat who, when basically neither of these guys have lost. It would be a good match, but I am of the opinion that David Taylor is and will be better.

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    Grajales adds another title to his collection as he wins 63kg class at fila cadet nationals. This kidd is a studd. I only hope he redshirts. If he redshirts he could possibly add a few d1 titles to his name. I didn't see taylor in there or a senior nationals. What is he up to? Anyone? Maybe he didn't want to show up anywhere Grajales was because on the florida web site iit says grajales would ask him to wrestle a match in practice if it had to be that way. Dr.Bigg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Shirtaugh View Post
    I am from Ohio, but if you watch both of these kids wrestle there is no disputing Taylor's technical superiority over Grajales. Granted, Grajales is probably a lot stronger, but so was Palmer. If you watch Grajales wrestle he muscles through many of his moves. I think Taylor will be the much better college wrestler..

    Pretty spot on.
    Lets go Brent!

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    It appears we've missed the boat on this match up, so we might as well move on. Eric projects as a smaller wrestler then David. Ah well, I wish Taylor well, but I (somewhat biasedly) feel Grajales was the better wrestler at this point in their careers.
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    I believe that Taylor will be a better collegiate wrestler as he relies less on superior athleticism. I also think people insinuating that Taylor is running or hiding from him are smoking crack or something. He bumped up to wrestle Palmer, and with the whole state watching ( I was there- unbelievable!) he did what he said he would do. He also has a much better wrestling room to prepare him for the match (multiple nationally ranked wrestlers and a us senior national qualifier as an assistant). As the year has gone on he also seems to have gotten used to the weight. He beat the opponents at the end of the year much worse than he did early on. Clearly, however, this would favor Grajales as it is the weight that he is comfortable at and would have a size advantage. Still my money would be on David and I do think when we review their careers, he will hav more collegiate victories and medals

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    Some of the arguements here are laughable. Grajales muscles his moves so he wont have as successful college career as Taylor??? WTF??? How can you argue with 220-0 record? Grajales Daddy has the funding to send him to other nations to wrestle Greco and Freestyle...he's seen opponents and styles that Taylor can only read about in a picture book.

    We'll never know the outcome of this dream matchup. It just isn't going to happen. All we can do is wonder "what-if"...and neither wrestler is avoiding the other. Wrestling is what these guys do. Sleep, workout, wrestle, repeat

    Not to minimize Taylor's ability, as he's proven that he's a force in the circle, but I think Grajales Pins Taylor in the first period, then pins his momma, his Daddy, and both of his coaches before breaking a sweat. <----Obvious joke, don't get all pissy people.

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    "he's seen opponents and styles that Taylor can only read about in a picture book."

    Hasn't Taylor wrestled overseas representing the USA?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Badcat View Post
    How can you argue with 220-0 record?
    It is difficult to do, but it is possible. For example, Michigan's Justin Zeerip went 260-0 in High School. He wasn't very impressive at Senior Nationals, though, and he was far from impressive as a redshirt freshman this year. Going undefeated in HS is an amazing accomplishment, but record isn't everything when the competition isn't necessarily cream of the crop.

    With that said, I think Grajales definitely has the quality wins to compliment his perfect record.

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    Alex tsirtsis was 236-0. It's hard to live up to that kind of record, but i think his career would be viewed as slightly disappointing given the H.S. success He had.

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