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Are you really asking that question? Lets see here,,,Grajales pins a 3x PA state champ in about the same time it took David to pin a no timer. By the way, I really dont know who is better but after watching both of those matches the competition that Grajales wrestled was far superior and he made the kid(ranked 4th in the country at 140) look like he was a jv wrestler. He actually yawned during the match. Remeber grajales is a 135lber not a 140. My guess is the Grajales/Taylor match will happen somewhere down the road. Also, didn't Grajales already stomp Collin Palmer? I think he did. Someone correct me if I am wrong but I think he did. Just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions, I am always right! Dr.Bigg
I really don't think pin times are much of an indicator of anything. A pin is a pin, I think. Some guys are just really hard to pin, even if they aren't great wrestlers.

Grajales never stomped Collin Palmer. They have not wrestled in High School. There's really only one person who has ever stomped Collin Palmer: Nikko Triggas. David Taylor, however, did beat Collin Palmer earlier this year.