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Thread: Ideas for next year

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    Default Ideas for next year

    Never too early to get started talking about the next season, and this wait is killing me. I've never been this excited for a monday to come in my life.

    My BIGGEST beef: Use NCAA scoring for the NCAA tournament. I can elaborate on my reasoning for this if people want but I think I've already stated it elsewhere so I wont rehash it unless necessary.

    Other things:
    Fiddle with the tournaments we count and dont count a little bit. This is something we should look at during the preseason as team schedules are posted. The Brockport for example should definitely have been scored this year (although apparently I was the one who lobbied against it?? I certainly dont remember that but Jensens said so)

    - I think a win over a ranked wrestler should count even if the event is unscored. There were some really good matchups between studs at the start of the season that werent counted due to the events not being scored.

    - Bonus for Outstanding Wrestler of the tourney, Bonus for Hodge winner.
    Doesnt have to be anything crazy, but I think the OW of conference tournies should get a +5 bonus. The bonus for NCAA's would depend on the scoring system we use, anything between 2 and 5 would be reasonable IMO.

    You could also give awards for Gorrian and possibly even wrestler of the year if you felt compelled.

    -Reconsider the money option
    Maybe I'm just greedy because I'm in first this year, but I think expanding the prize pool would be a sweet thing. More importantly it would give people more rationale and incentive to do a proper job of managing their teams. This year we had three people drop out and stop posting lineups, I feel like people would be less likely to do this if money were on the line.

    - Possibly an official rulebook?
    I know that Jensens has a rules post at the beginning of every year, but its more of a general overview then a comprehensive set of rules. Through his rulings as commish Jensens has established a series of fantasy precedents that will continue to guide the league in the future and its constantly being added to. I think it might be a good thing to collect some of these rulings in one place and make it easy to refer to.

    I'd probably be willing to undertake this project myself.

    THats all I can think of for now, feel free to chime in with you guys's thoughts!
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    Default Re: Ideas for next year

    Few things that I'm definitely doing off the top of my head.

    - Getting rid of the "your guy bumps up and wrestles you don't get points in duals" rule. If your guy wrestles in a dual then you'll get points.

    Much in the same vein where you don't get back up points automatically for tournaments this rule won't apply to tournaments either.

    - I'll be modifying (or actually clarifying the back up rule for tournaments). It was originally my intention to let back ups be used this year. You wouldn't get the back up automatically, you would have to declare the back up in your line up before competition got started.

    - Definititely going to take a look at the tournaments that get counted and where bonus will or will not apply. Brockport will count next year. Fullerton Open and PSAC's chances are probably won't.

    In terms of your "big beef" if you mean counting round by round advancement points thats honestly more work than I'm willing to put in at least projecting that far ahead right now. I know a lot of you guys count your own points already but I still go through and verify them.

    If you're just talking about using NCAA Placement points at NCAA's, we're already doing that this year.

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    Default Re: Ideas for next year

    My first tournament in fantasy was a disappointment -I thought there would be advancement points and all-I can see where it would be a lot of work -too much in fact -but the way they stand now tournaments are nothing but dual meets unless your wrestler is a finalist .
    1-I say count ALL tournaments ;just don't give the bonus points
    2--the 'scored' tournaments should give placement for the top 4 -maybe -like Vegas or the Midlands -the top 6
    1-in reference to one a lot of people will whine about weak HOMER tournaments -what is the difference between a tourney and a lame quad ??? Your guy is wrestling and risking injury and there was one tourney where the finalists were Stewart and King at 165 -they received 0 points and at the time they were both top 10-just score them as duals .
    Asking for advancement points ,etc. is too much unless you have a software guy who could hook something up-I had Howe and Stewart wrestling the Midlands and Stewart outscored Andrew -something is wrong there .That is why I suggest scoring the top 4-6 bonus points .

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    Default Re: Ideas for next year

    I am talking about using the exact same system the NCAA uses to score tournies to score our league. The way we currently do it is a distortion because bonus points are worth 3x as much but placement points are the same.

    Under our system it is possible and not even that difficult to earn more points as a 5th place finisher then the champion of your weight. For example using the scoring system we are now, Gregor Gillespie would have scored his team more points then Jordan Leen last year, even though he lost to him head to head and placed 4 spots lower. THat doesnt seem right to me...

    I'm not saying we should change it for this year because we've had these rules established for a while, but it is an extremely flawed system and I really think you need to look at changing it for next year.

    Calculating advancement points is REALLY not that hard at all once you get the hang of it... There are only 6 people in the playoffs, I set up a B10 fantasy draft on like a days notice and calculated points for 8 people without too much of a problem.

    I'm not advocating this for all tournies just the NCAAs.
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    Default Re: Ideas for next year

    Like I said, as of right now I'm not interested in committing to creating more work for myself. If the system that we have now is considered "flawed" then its "flawed".

    It doesn't provide any inherent advantages or disadvantages for anyone and that is the important thing in my eyes.

    However we've got seven some odd months before things need to be finalized so maybe I'll change my mind.

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    Default Re: Ideas for next year

    As far as "scored" regular season tourneys....I think you declare all tournaments scored.....and make a list of unscored.
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    Default Re: Ideas for next year

    I agree, only call out the "non-scored tourneys", everything else counts.

    Also, I would make trade deadline one week prior to conference tourney. Kind of ridiculous to keep trading during the playoffs. What sport does that?

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    Default Re: Ideas for next year

    Yeah, I'll probably wind up instituting a trade deadline next year too.

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    Default Re: Ideas for next year

    Jensens is the man...

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