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This could be a dumb question, but what are Metcalf's chances? The last tournament I watched him in he looked really good. Does he at least have a medal shot?
I think metcalf won't win but if he is on he could have a really good chance the 12 months he has become much more agressive in leg attacks and has really looked a completely new threat Akzent posted that the russians were very impressed with him this past month when the US team did a camp in russia but then he went and lost at the yarygin, at the test event he blew through the draw and blasted hasanov who most thought was the favourate for the 2011 worlds, i think the iranian style with taghavi will give him problems though a guy with better leg attacks and excellent leg defense.

With burroughs last year he beat everybody every top guy who i thought to put up against him he beat blanco, goudarzi, geduev, tsargush and aliyev he beat them all under adversity so would it be suprising if he went all the way again this year? I don't think it'd be that suprising but i'm interested to see how those guys have adapted to losing those matches and prepared for a future encounter with him.
I think at 60kg cejudo should get training and less touring, otherwise bunch should go, otherwise a medal is no way going to happen, i think thats the us' weakest weight.
120 dlagnev is good but i don't see him medalling unless he has a barnburner of a tournament.
96 varner is doing great but in a stacked division him medalling is difficult to call, but he medalled at worlds so who knows.
55- send escobedo, if they send anyone else they have no chance of a medal.