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    I just got back into coaching and went to a tournament on sat. They had the cadets wrestling 3, 3 minute periods. Is this correct? Or is fla. making a mistake? What are the times for all the different divs?

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    It's 2, 2, 2.

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    In freestyle and Greco-Roman, the format is now three two-minute periods a wrestler winning the match when he has won two out of three periods; for example if one competitor were to win the first period 1-0 and the second period 1-0, the match would be over. However, if the other competitor were to win the second period then third and deciding period would result. Only a fall or disqualification terminates the match; all other modes of victory result only in period termination. One side effect of this format is that it is possible for the losing wrestler to outscore the winner. For example, periods may be scored 3-2, 0-4, 1-0, leading to a total score of 4-6 but a win for the wrestler scoring fewer points.

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    Thanks, thats what I thought. I think the tournament director just made a mistake.

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    I know from back when we used go to smaller tournaments that they would do things like that (switching to old rules) because either A) they needed to save time, or B) the change had not been made world wide yet.

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