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You will love JJ. He's completely old school. The only problem you may find is that the young kids in the crowd have no respect for anyone else. I'm glad I was just up the hill in a bar parking lot with as good of a seat and cheaper beer.
Jamey Johnson show was Friday, and it was great; he played for over 2 hours! However, sort of like you said though, it got a bit "rained on," due to the intermediate biker wannabes who, once they had too many beers, thought they were REAL bikers and made for a crappy crowd to be around. BY "intermediate" I mean the ones who aren't lawyers by week and bikers by weekend, and not the 1% ers, but the ones who toe the line between the two. A couple of them needed good shot to the noggin, but, being I was only there with my wife and outnumbered, I didn't have the balls to do it alone.

Anyway, great music but a crappy crowd.