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What's up Quinn? Check page 3 of this thread where I link to Tosin Abasi and Animals as Leaders. Amazing guitarist. Meshuggah is brutal, that is a great concert. I haven't seen Meshugg yet, will do soon.
Now that I look at that post again, I remember it. I had never heard of him or the band at the time. They have a unique phenomenon at a metal concert. Most of the fans are quiet and just seem to stare in awe of the performance. At first I thought people didn't like them, but that is not the case. The guitar is just that good. Meshuggah on the other hand is nuts!! The concert was in a small venue called Bogarts and they put on a full scale concert. There are several videos on youtube from the show 2-21-13 Bogarts Cincinnati. I was suprised at the stage show for such a small place.