At my high school we have A and B days. On B days I have weight lifting in the morning (but we must do the teacher's workout). The days alternate everyday, so if it was ABABA one week the next week it's BABAB. I live about 2 miles from the school and since I don't ride the athletics bus home (b/c of a fee) I just walk that two miles home after practice. I also like to practice dance in my free time as well for an hour or two. I dont know if all those details were nessacary but I thought I'd let you all know them.

Now I wrestle after school from 2:45pm-5:15pm every weekday, and 9:00am-10:15am on Saturdays.

I was wondering what extra cardio/strength training I could do (also how heavy i should lift in my weight training class since it's the in-season now) to get myself in condition faster/more.


Body weight weight training?

Grip training?

What? lol

This is a future thanks for all the help and advice you all may give to me.