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Thread: National Signing Day!

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    Yeah, you are probably right, but to play devil's advocate, Notre Dame hasn't been good since these current recruits were born. They still do recruit very well though, so you are more than likely right. Were I prized recruit (which I clearly am/was not,) I could think of a dozen better football schools that I would rather go to. It is what it is, I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rustyshackleford View Post
    Yeah, I just assumed he would go to USC. I really don't know why top recruits still go to Notre Dame. They are a mediocre team, year in year out, that occasionally looks good through their cream puff schedule and then gets 50 put up on them in a BCS game. Ridiculously high expectations, that they can never meet, cold weather, mediocre team... I don't get it. Maybe its just because my hatred of Notre Dame is second only to that of Florida that I say this, but I can completely understand why UF gets recruits, so I don't think that is the reason.

    Rusty, my man, I'm with you brother......NOTRE DAME SUCKS.

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    Haha. Right on, Tpay. I figured that I would get flamed for that post at some point. It is nice to see someone agree!

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