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    What weights to look at this year

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    126 is crazy.

    Joey Dance, Rossi Bruno, Anthony Ashnault, Nathan Kraisser (last years S32 champ over Dance), Zain Retherford, Dean Heil, Randy Cruz, Tyson Dippery, Jon Jay Chavez, Jonce Blaylock, Chris Caton, Russell Coleman, Eric Devos, Jake Smith, Skylar Wood, and a whole host of other state champs and medalists. One heck of a weight class.

    138 has Jason Tsirtsis, Ben Whitford, Steve Spearman, Nate Skonieczny, and Brian Murphy - another sweet one. It'll be fun this year.
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    Go Joey Dance!
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    any news on jack bass?(he took me out last year) also, thank u jake smith for moving out of my district lmao

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    Fretwell & Roper

    Super 32 Preview (106lbs - 120lb) | Video | Flowrestling

    Entertaining as usual,(as if Cliff NEEDS an energy drink).

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    Who placed at 126lbs

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    Results here:


    2011 Super 32 HS.pdf (application/pdf Object)

    Super 32 2011 (FloNationals Major) | Greensboro Colosseum - Greensboro, North Carolina | Coverages | Flowrestling

    also of note:

    Brandon kids Bruno Rossi lost to Jake Smith & Kevin Norstream lost to Jamel Hudson

    Defending champ Darian Cruz lost to Freshman Sammy Krivus

    126 semis
    Ashnault vs Retherford
    Dance vs Cruz

    Ashnault is the LONE defending Super32 Champ to regain his title

    Defending champ Spearman loses on a last second TD by Matthews

    106 semi
    Kemerer (Freshman-Franklin Reg) def Pletcher (Latrobe/8th grade) 1-0

    Morelli (Dubois) def Luster (Pgh CC) 2-1 TB

    PA kids


    Kemerer FR Frank Reg 1st
    Pletcher 8th grade Latrobe 4th
    Schwartz JR Cent Dauphin 8th

    Rappo SR CR South 5th
    Krivus FR Hempfield 6th


    Killian JR Middletown 5th
    Nyama SR Brashear 7th

    Retherford JR Benton 3rd
    Cruz SR Beth Cath 4th


    Gardner SR Biglersville 5th
    Brown SR Cetral Dauphin 7th

    Matthews JR Reynolds 2nd


    Cimato SR LaSalle 4th
    Chisko SO Canonsburg Mac 5th
    Lydic SR Latrobe 7th

    Hammond JR Chambersburg 4th
    Peppleman SO Cetral Dauphin 5th

    Marstellar SO Kennard-Dale 1st
    Morelli SR Dubois 6th
    Luster SR Pgh CC 7th
    Walter JR Mifflinburg 8th

    Riddick SR Beth CAth 2nd
    Taylor JR BEA 4th

    Wiercioch JR Canonsburg Mac 6th ((lost in semis & fftd out of the consis)
    Lux SR North Allegheny 8th

    McCutcheon JR Kiski Area 1st

    Haines SO Solanco 1st

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    Holy cow, Wiercioch is at '82 now? He's on the David Taylor growth plan.

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