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    How many calories should i eat to lose weight? I would say my activity level is moderate right now but i am planning to start working out 3 -4 times a week (working around football). I am 5'9" 171 pounds and i want to be atleast 157 at season start. Also what should i/ shouldn't i eat. Any tips are appreciated.

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    The first step you need to do is figure out exactly how many calories you're eating right now. For the rest of this week keep eating like normal, but write down everything that you eat.

    Once you have that base number, knock it down by 500 and see where that gets you. If you're losing weight at that new level keep at it, if you're not knock it down by another 250 or so.
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    My first question would be, How old are you? If you are still growing, then I wouldn't worry so much about getting to 157. Do what JensenS said, but don't focus too much on a certain weight. There is a weight class in between 157 and 171. If that is where you fall, so be it.

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    It totally depend on your daily calories intake and calories consumption.. Keep trying to minimize your calories intake and increase calories consumption for effective weight loss .. I suggest you to do cardio exercises also
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