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    Can anyone be fast? or is it just something you're either born with or you're not?

    If anyone can have speed on the feet, is it just developed through a lot of drilling? Weights? I'm assuming that with a good set up and a lot of drilling the actual shot would help more than weights, but explosive lifts and plyos would help some I'd imagine. I see people like John Smith absolutely dominate with his quickness, and I've read he shadow wrestled a lot and drilled a lot. So is it just natural to be that quick or can it be developed?

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    The best way to become faster is to wrestle with fast people. I remember a few years ago, I began practicing with some guys who were very quick and very explosive. Traditionally, I hadn't been exposed to a lot of that type of wrestling - as such, for the first few days, I didn't do so hot. But as I continued to go live with them, I made leaps and bounds; wrestling with fast opponents just teaches you to react faster and become quick yourself.

    Drilling is also good for working on your speed - the more you drill a technique, the faster you'll be able to execute it. Explosive weight training (Olympic lifts and the such) are good for training explosivity as well, which in turn will normally increase your speed. But, in my opinion, the BEST way to get faster yourself is to wrestle fast opponents.
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    Alright. Thanks. I have a coach is very fast on his feet, I'll see if I can start wrestling live with him a few days a week.

    Thanks for the help man

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