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    Can we get skin options for the forum? I didn't see the option, maybe i missed it. Not to be a downer, but i hate this new one with the stars. My personal favorite i think is called "Xander"

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    Yeah, I can do different styles, but it isn't going to be something released right away. vBulletin is heavily commercialized, so there are not a ton of free styles out there, and I do not see very many good ones at all.

    If you look around, and find one you like, let me know. (a URL for either a free download, or as one of the upgrades you would like to see.)

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    the skin is called Xeeth, not Xander. I'll ask the admin. over there if he paid for it or not.

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    Tell ya what.. we can get a poll going for all of the styles people come up with in this thread(for 2 weeks), and the #1 theme will go up (after 2 weeks of voting.)
    So in one month, if you get enough votes for your style, it will go up, does that sound something you would like to do?

    Of course if they are free, I'll add them right away.

    Here are free ones, we can pick from these while I build a little bidding contest. I do like that style a lot though.
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    I would hate to force a purchase. I had no idea that vb. was as commercialized as it is.

    If a new skin is wanted and a poll goes up i would nominate that skin as a choice for sure.

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    If those are all free could we load a few of them so that we would choose while your bidding contest is set up?

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    Yeah, definitely. I also have no problem paying for a theme, if enough people want that as well (it would be stupid for us to force one design on everyone, anyway.)

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