Misinformed and least informed/uninformed are not the same thing - the polls that Politico cited to rate Stewart's comments as false tested news viewer's knowledge of things like how many branches of government are there? Being misinformed is to believe that the health care legislation creates death panels (in a recent example) and the polls that have tested by that metric have rated Fox viewers as the most misinformed, whether you consider them as biased polls or not he wasn't making that up. Borderline crazy? Just seemed frustrated to me with the cyclical questions Wallace was asking. I'm also not sure what hate has to do with it? I'm extremely critical of United States foreign policy and can become impassioned discussing it but I don't "hate" anyone in government at all, on the contrary I respect most of them that I disagree with. Stewart gets in heated debates with Bill O'Reilly but he doesn't hate him, in fact they get along well off camera. Can you be specific as to what you found "hateful"?