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Thread: 2011 Junior World Cup

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    Why are they not following their own policy?

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    Fight for third place: Iran - Georgia 7:1

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbdaz View Post
    In this text, only the first sentence reffers to a dual meet. All other rules reffer to possible situations after the dual meets in a group are over.
    This sentence says there is a winner and a loser but there is no explaination who is who. )))
    Well the logics says the winner is the team with the most matches won. Or this can be questioned? )))
    If the result is tied (as in the case IRI-RUS 4-4), it is logical that the winner is the one who got more classification points (in this case - Iran 16 vs. 12 for RUS). The classification points have always been important. That is why THEY are given in the table patallel to the outcome in number of matches won.
    BTW, who wins if not only the matches won, but also the classification points are equal (let's say 15:15)???

    All these things aren't explicitely written in the rules and this creates an occasion for (mis)interpretations and manipulations.

    The rule which the Iranian federation marked red in the text attached has nothing to do with the IRI-RUS situation (a dual meet). It is a rule about a situation after all the meets (when two teams have equal points from their dual meets; for instance 2:1, 2:1). The Iranian federation misunderstood the rules and failed to motivate why it was their team who won the dual.

    As I heard, initially Iran was declared the winner; then the Russians protested. They made use of the missing explainations after the 1st sentence. And they successfully (with money or experience in manipulations) imposed their own interpretation of the rules: to apply to a dual match DURING the group competition the criteria listed after the second sentence in bold (regarding a situation AFTER the group competition). The first two criteria didn't work because there were no victories by fall or tech. fall. But the third one (number of periods won with 6-points margin) was the very thing that could make them the winner - because their guy at 55 kg won one of the periods 7:1.

    1. Rules are written so that they can be manipulated or interpreted in a various ways.
    2. Russians are great in manipulating rules.
    3. Iranians are not able to argue conclusively.

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    Russia - Azerbaijan 4:4

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    Russia won Junior World Cup!

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    i am curious to know on which criteria.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akzent View Post
    i am curious to know on which criteria.
    What do you mean?

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    4:4 matches.
    RUS - AZE 15-14 classification points.

    Obviously, the classification points aren't decissive anymore or at least at this particular world cup.
    On the facebook page of the world cup, there is a statement that Russia won because the team earned more technical points in total. This is the 4th rule in the criteria listed in the text of the world cup rules (see the link above).

    That means they applied the same check-list of criteria as in the dual Iran-RUS.
    Unlike in the Iran-RUS case, the 3rd one (6 points margin) wasn't applicable because each team had 3 periods won 6:0. So they took the 4th rule - winner is the team who scored more technical points.

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    Akzent, was this the Russian team that will be at Junior World Championships?

    They didn't blow me away.

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