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    Guess that seeding committee wound up getting things right? Been saying it since the middle of the season that it just seemed like it was Robles' year. All through out the tournament he did a great job of getting to his offense from the feet and not letting guys tie him up like they had in the past.

    I don't know what McDonough thought he was going to do by sitting there in front of Robles and burying his head into his shoulder. It seemed obvious that he was giving Robles the drag and Robles took it and capitalized. Robles definitely turtled in the third period, but I don't know what else he could have done while McDonough appeared to be looking to lock up what would have been perhaps the world's oddest looking cradle.


    Just a clinical effort on the feet from Jordan Oliver and he did a great job capping off what was a truly dominating (and if they go off their criteria Hodge winning) season. If he can keep his weight right and his energy levels high I don't see how you're going to beat him barring an out of nowhere pin.

    Really excited to see him get out on the mat at 60 kilos this spring.


    Russell is never going to wrestle shoot out type matches, but his body awareness that allows him to be so comfortable in the scramble situations still makes his matches fun for me to watch. He doesn't move often, but when he does its almost always interesting.

    Gutsy effort there in the finals after rolling the ankle.


    Once Dake got that early TD this match was pretty much over and done with, it still amazes me that Molinaro was so stubborn to where he took down during the second period. 6:18 is definitely the most riding time I've ever seen in one match. That penalty point still puzzles me as that was the first time I've ever seen that call.

    Its going to be really interesting to follow Dake next year (especially if he moves up another weight class) now that he's 2 for 2 in terms of titles.


    Honestly kind of conflicted on how this match wound up going down. On one hand I like the fact that Jenkins managed to get himself an NCAA title (and thereby make the 149 bracket from 08 even more absurd) because he's a guy that has taken a huge amount of flak over the years. One the other hand I've loved both watching and following David Taylor over the course of the year. Seems like a good kid and he wrestles a style that you can't help but enjoy watching.

    Zapp summed up another one of my thoughts about this match pretty well in the "Taylor era" thread where he mentions another plus that now Taylor can have his career without people constantly talking about whether or not he's going to be Cael.

    Taylor definitely seemed like he had saucer eyes when he got out on the mat last night. Don't know why he was looking to score with high c's when that's probably been his least effective shot this year.

    Despite the conflict the moment of realization when I saw Jenkins stuff the head and thought "Oh my God, he's going cradle" and then he rolled through with it was probably the most exciting one of the night.


    Jordan Burroughs is just that dude. Did a great job last night getting out and getting on the board early to remove any possibility of Caldwell making it interesting in the third period like he did in the Big 12 final.

    Like Oliver he's a guy who I'm really excited to see get out and start wrestling freestyle for us at a 74 kilo weight which is fast becoming absurdly loaded.


    Jon Reader is just a scary guy in general, but the busted open eye brow and subsequent blood soaked head wrap that he was rocking yesterday had the added benefit of making him look even scarier.

    Didn't think his first set of back points was even close to being a two count, but it wouldn't have mattered. Was dominant through out the match, through out the tournament, and through out the season.

    Another guy who will be fun to watch wrestle freestyle, one of our better guys on top in par terre already.


    Despite the fact that he won Big 10's I still didn't think that Wright was going to be able to achieve the honor of becoming the mentally weakest NCAA champion of all time until I saw him wrestle Steinhaus in the second round.

    In their match at Big 10's it seemed like Wright was just able to pick his spots and then hang on, but here he dictated the match the whole time. He'd wind up doing that in all his matches.

    Nice job blending wrestling straight up along with his funky big moves. Early in the year against Hamlin it seemed like he was desperate just to trip or throw him, but then last night (and in his other matches) he did a nice job getting to shots and then snaking a leg around to trip guys down and finish them.


    I hate to say this (given my Kilgore fandom) but I was gradually filling out my wrap up thread last night as the finals were going on and I had already penciled in Foster's name at the top of the 197 section. That early part of the match he was just dominant, Kilgore didn't have an answer for him.

    Great job by Kilgore though staying with things and capitalizing when he got the chance. Looked like he had him pinned even earlier before he readjusted and the ref called it. Testament to how absurdly strong he has to be to where he's able to catch Foster, hold him there, and then transition to a better position to secure the fall.


    Honestly didn't pay that close attention to this match. I thought the no call on the Flores "reversal" and backs was a good one and its one that you see routinely in lower weights. They aren't going to give points when the guy rolling through still has the leg unless the other guy is able to come up and under the arms.

    Heavyweights unfortunately for Flores really don't have the capacity to pull such a maneuver off.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke - 1984-2011

    "If Cornell finishes ahead of Iowa with five all americans I'll jump into the Des Moines River after finals." -Herkey#1 8/16/12

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    JensenS can you recommend some Reader freestyle matches? I saw him in the Pam Ams where he picked apart world placer Evan Macdonald in the semis, and then got 5 pt thrown and pinned by Fundora in the finals. Pretty exciting stuff.

    Like you I think both Oliver and Burroughs will be great freestylers.

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    There are several of his matches available from his run to make our University World team last year, just go to Youtube and search "Jon Reader."

    Early round match

    Lays waste to a solid but not spectacular Moza Fay. Tech's him in the first period in :34.

    Three period win in the final series against Colt Sponseller
    RIP Jacob Schlottke - 1984-2011

    "If Cornell finishes ahead of Iowa with five all americans I'll jump into the Des Moines River after finals." -Herkey#1 8/16/12

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    I had the exact same thought about Jenkins and the 149lb class in 08. Just crazy how many national champions were involved.

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    Regarding your comment on the 149 lb bracket in 2008...Is that the weight with the most eventual NCAA champions ever with 6 (Metcalf, Burroughs, Caldwell, O'Connor, Schlatter and Jenkins)? That is insane.

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    Throw in Palmer, Lang, and Churella and that pushes it to 6 Champs and 3 runner-ups for 9 finalists total. Pretty impressive. Metcalf was decent...

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