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Thread: Biggest Tournament Bomb

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    Default Biggest Tournament Bomb

    Unchallenged - Rutgers

    Holy cow did they tank. Total score is less than 2010 and not a single AA. Day 1 started with a ground in the Delaware and then the ship just sank.

    Totally unprepared for the elevated level of competition championship weekend.
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    Add Va Tech to that list, also not a single AA, not even Carter or Dong or their returning AA Diaz. With names like Garnett, Carter, Diaz, Stephens, Dong, Yates you'd think they'd gotten one AA out of the bunch. I personally had Garnett at 8th, Carter at 5th, Diaz at 8th and Dong at 8th. BOMBED badly.

    I was very surprised Mason from Rutgers didn't AA though.

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