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Thread: Largest UNO Booster is Pissed!!

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    Default Largest UNO Booster is Pissed!!

    If anybody knows of any other UNO Boosters, they should feel encouraged to do what their largest Booster has just done. Screw Trev Alberts!!

    A major University of Nebraska-Omaha athletic booster was just days away from handing over a big check when athletic director Trev Alberts announced the conference change. Now, the booster's not only pulling his money, he's also quitting the athletic board.The memories of football at UNO mean a lot to former Maverick linebacker Van Deeb. He's given money to the athletic department for 20 years and he's been an athletic board member for 18 years. But Deeb said after the last few days, it's all over.?It's a 100-year-old program that's being destroyed,? Deeb said.

    Deeb said the memories are starting to fade after Alberts' recommendation that football and wrestling be cut as UNO joins a new conference.?My heart goes out to Coach Denney, Coach Behrns and all the coaches and student-athletes affected by this,? Deeb said.A longtime booster, Deeb was days away from making one of his largest donations ever to fund a new facility in the Sapp fieldhouse.?(It's) a welcome center for the recruits and their parents to come and visit with the coaches,? Deeb said.The facility, however, will only remain on paper because Deeb said he is pulling his money.?I'm no longer interested in supporting that project,? Deeb said.Deeb said he will also leave the Maverick athletic board.?It doesn't seem like we're involved in any decisions,? Deeb said.Deeb said Alberts is making too many unilateral decisions, adding he believes Alberts is recommending the cuts for personal gain.?One of my biggest concerns is that this is just a stepping stone for Trev,? Deeb said. ?I guarantee you that Trev Alberts didn't come back to little old Omaha, Nebraska just to hang out and have a program without football.?Deeb said he's holding out hope that UNO football and wrestling could be saved by Chancellor John Christensen.
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    Default Re: Largest UNO Booster is Pissed!!

    Maybe if some more boosters do the same there will be a chance to save the programs.
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    Default Re: Largest UNO Booster is Pissed!!

    This is good news. In these situations, money is often the loudest talker. I hope others see fit to follow his lead.

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    I have a feeling that Alberts days are numbered. What a loser.

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    Default Re: Largest UNO Booster is Pissed!!

    You know what they say: "Money talks and.........walks!"

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