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Thread: Wanna See how Caldwell Looked?

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    He looked lazy, like he wasn't really into it. Perhaps however as some have suggested it's a defense mechanism to protect a bad shoulder and poor cardio.

    If he's injured at this point in the year he'll have to work around it, and not taking a lot of shots is a good way to protect a shoulder- nothing worse than getting caught underneath someone with a bad arn. If he's still out of shape then that's a problem he should have been working on.

    Speaking of Levalley, isn't he a pretty good wrestler himself? I seem to remember his having a very close match with Metcalf and beating some good guys in freestyle during the summer. Potential champ this year?

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    Levalley is good, very good but not the Champ this year, not with Caldwell and Dake. Both of those guys have been there been through that first round and then the semis and all the show of the finals and both have won it. Caldwell looked awful at ACC's but if you knew no one could possibly beat you and you knew you were out of shape still and you had a bum shoulder, you'd try to protect the shoulder and win exerting as little energy as possible. That's exactly what he did. Now he's got some time to get some runs in and some good hard live goes in practice to build up that shape and rehab and treat that shoulder. I just don't see Caldwell going into Philly and losing in the round of 12 or in the Semis and placing low. I think he comes out at NCAA's and just looks awesome and runs through it. Maybe I should be posting on the wild predictions thread, but I think he does it.

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