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Let me say this, I know that entitlements are the largest driver of the deficit so there you go. That is an indisputable fact. Fact two if you tax corporations and the wealthy at 100% not only would they run our of money very fast and you would have killed the cash cow, but hey would also move out of the nation at a faster rate or intentionally make less money, meaning they also produced less goods and hired less people. Fact three all most all of the industrial nations in the world are lowering their corporate tax rates attracting new jobs from the US. Even in Germany they are lowering corporate taxes. The easy way to look at taxes is to raise them on corporations and assume that their will be no fallout from it, that's one of those ideas that looks good on paper.

The biggest fact of all is that if we do not cut spending in a serious way and tackle the deficit it does not matter what tax structure we have or what kind of job loss we have because we can not sustain the growth of the deficit. Obama has grown the deficit in under four years larger that Bush did in eight not good.

Does welfacre count as an entitlement?
The $74 billion that Ban quoted for social welfare is not a major driver of the deficit.
I thought entitlements were Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.