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Thread: Kellen Russell dec Montell Marion 9-5

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    Default Re: Kellen Russell dec Montell Marion 9-5

    You're right, it's not accurate to say he clearly outwrestled him in all three phases when he gave up 4 escape. I'll stick with my general argument though.

    I do like that folkstyle is about control, and I do like seeing riding (as long as it's not purely stalling).

    Here is the match:

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    Default Re: Kellen Russell dec Montell Marion 9-5

    Quote Originally Posted by bwh27 View Post
    Jordan Oliver's 8-7 win over Hochstrasser in the All-Star dual is another good example. He had four takedowns to Hochstrasser's one (at the very end of the match in garbage time essentially).
    I just don't see it.. wrestling is not just about takedowns. These guys are voluntarily giving up these precious points and foregoing another whole facet of the game.

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    Default Re: Kellen Russell dec Montell Marion 9-5

    I haven't seen this match yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Based on what I'm reading here, you guys seem to be under the impression that Marion was the better wrestler but that Russell sort of pulled it out at the end? Or is that just the Hawk-eye view of things? I do think that this goes back to the whole thread from last week about the 141 Big Tens - we had said that things would be clearer after this weekend and I think at least for now they are: Kellen Russell. As of this post, I do not know what happened between Alton and Thorn, but I saw Alton wrestle Kennedy (on TV). Kennedy was clearly stronger and quicker. I guess Alton is just not going to get an NCAA or even a Big Ten this year. AA though. That's for sure. Still, I like him a lot. Great wrestler. Shows a lot of heart out there wrestling the big dogs.

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    Default Re: Kellen Russell dec Montell Marion 9-5

    I'm no Hawkeye fan, but I call things honestly: Marion outwrestled Russell today, and, as I said prior, the match was Marion's to lose (which he did). Russell was in on shots, but couldn't finish on Marion.

    HOWEVER, I wouldn't go so far as to say that Russell "pulled it out" at the end (that's what she said), as the takedown he hit was slick and legit.
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    Default Re: Kellen Russell dec Montell Marion 9-5

    My impression is that Marion outwrestled Russell and had a sort of a let down at the end of the match. Russell is very good though, so good work for him to pull that out.

    Still, I think it shows that Marion is right there with anybody, and if he strings together a good tournament and wrestles all 7 minutes he could very well win the whole thing this year. He is just really explosive when he commits and goes for it.

    I am very excited for the post season coming up. The Hawks did not wrestle even close to their best and they still beat Michigan 30-7

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    Default Re: Kellen Russell dec Montell Marion 9-5

    If you're better on top then these issues doesn't occur. Get a turn or keep riding.

    You guys act like the guy who gets a takedown has no method or option to even score.

    I get your guys' point and agree that these types of matches don't always paint an accurate picture as to who the better wrestler is but nonetheless points are there to be scored.
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    Default Re: Kellen Russell dec Montell Marion 9-5

    Neither Russell or Marion rode or were in control from the top position. It reminded me of college wrestling from the 90's. Hardly anyone could be ridden and if you did somehow ride someone for any significant amount of time you were probably going to win the match. Since neither Marion nor Russell could ride today it became a takedown match. Marion gave up a sloppy td with 13 seconds left and then Russell got all slimey and suprise attacked Marion for the win in OT.

    I did not like how Marion looked up at the clock after getting taken down in OT instead of working for the escape. He was willing to take his chances in OT and it backfired big time.

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    Default Re: Kellen Russell dec Montell Marion 9-5

    I did not see the match, but one of things that seems unfair about Folkstyle scoring is the timing of a takedown matters so much...
    A TD with 10-15 seconds or less is usually going to be worth two points, while a TD with more than 30 seconds is only going to be worth one point because if the wrestlers are evenly matched an escape usually occurs.

    I know this is not always the case, but just goes to illustrate how the Folkstyle scoring can make a match seem a lot closer on the scoreboard than it seems on the mat.

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    Default Re: Kellen Russell dec Montell Marion 9-5

    I remember an interview with either Brands or Gable talkin about the importance of getting scores at the ends of periods. Gotta agree.
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