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Thread: 2008 Deglane Freestyle: A Few Remarks 74KG

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    Default 2008 Deglane Freestyle: A Few Remarks 74KG

    For me the best weight was 74KG and the best wrestler was Denis Tsargush. Denis, the 2007 junior world champion, was lightning quick shooting off his handfighting set-ups and drove through his opponents to take them directly to the mat.

    The only wrestler to score a point on him was Travis Paulson of the USA. Very early in the first period of their quarterfinal match, Travis shot a blast double on Denis and drove him off the mat for 1 point on the step out. That was the last time Travis had any real offense or threat in the match.

    Tsargush shot a neat fast low leg takedown on Travis's right side off a quick grab and jerk of a Russian 2-on-1 on Travis's left arm: Travis was leveled with no chance of a counter. Tsargush took it from there as noted, in control of the match.

    Travis went into the repechage, and took revenge on the Moldovian Anisim Talambat, who had defeated Travis's twin brother Trent earlier.
    Talambat was totally shut down by Travis, and could get nothing going.
    So Travis won a bronze.

    Talambat had used some clever counter wrestling and tricky upper body tie with outside leg trip to get a few big scores on Trent in a quarterfinal bout. Trent did get one big bodylock throw off the mat for 3 points, but that was all as Talambat was able to score a total of 8 points on Trent in the match.

    Trent finished 8th, in a weight class of 17 wrestlers, having defeated Kakhaber of Slovakia in his first match by a close score.

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    Is this the tournament where Alex Brown (Canada) took 2nd? How did he look and how did he do against Tsargush?

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    tsargush controlled him pretty well, he would leave his leg out for alex to grab but when alex went for it tsargush would just grab him, it was wierd because when tsargush shot, he would shoot double, but he wouldnt drive at all, his position alone was so strong that the guys would just fall over. very very good positioning and razor sharp timing

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    Although I don't have film on Tsargush, I believe his technique was the same or similar to the one which follows.

    Use the hand fight set-up to get the opponent to pull back and get his weight more on his heals than usual. Grab (or be grabbed by) the opponent in a tight grip (eg, 2-on-1, wrist, etc), immediately pulling it sharply/quickly toward your chest, releasing it about halfway to you chest.

    Somewhere (it's so quick and the time is so short it's hard to pick an exact point) as you are pulling the opponent toward you in the grip, you are lowering your level and shooting in with a drop step or step in aiming at a point 1 foot behind the opponent.

    Importantly, to get the best mechanical advantage and surprise on the opponent, you are beginning this shot before you release the grip in his arm/wrist. The best wrestlers are doing this in a flash, an instant, as has been reported on this blog.

    As you are shooting in and of course after you have released the grip on hand/wrist (or cleared your hand from his grip), you grab his legs with a semi-circular action, making contact somewhere on the calf/ankle/heel,
    and pull your hands through to your chest (as the goal).

    At the same time your hands are making contact with the back of his legs at calf/ankle/heel, the side of your neck/trapezius/deltiod and possibly your chest makes contact with the front of his legs somewhere between/along the knees and the mid point of his shin.

    The grip, pull, and release shifts the opponents weight back to the heels.

    The semi-circular action of the hands through the back of his legs to your chest posts his feet to the mat, usually preventing a sprawl.

    The contact on the front of his knee to mid shin area and the drop step/step in between the opponents legs to a point about a foot behind the opponent, along with the hand action behind the lower legs to the chest, posts the opponents feet to the mat and drives the opponents knees/legs behind his feet, which puts his center of gravity behind his feet, and causes him to fall backwards very quickly to his buttocks/back.

    I have worked this myself since high school, and over the years have seen quite a few wrestlers who were good at it. I really didn't want to spend this much time on this, but here is my take on the technique from one who has been around.

    Whether Russian, American, or whatever nationality/country one is from, I think the good to great wrestlers and coaches find many of the same set ups, techniques, and strategies to win. The human body, biomechanics, and physics are mostly the same for human beings.
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    Default Re: 2008 Deglane Freestyle: A Few Remarks 74KG

    Tsargush vs Askren. Pretty one-sided.

    Tsargush vs Habibi. Great scrambing

    Tsargush vs Saitiev.

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