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Thread: Help with stand ups?

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    Default Help with stand ups?

    I've been getting stuck on bottom a lot recently. I'm pretty good at avoiding the other guy getting back points, but whenever I try to stand up I end up going back down to the mat even if I get hand control.

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    i have the same problem, i get to my feet constantly, but cant stop them rolling me back down, but what helps a lot is sort of over exageration, sag hips really low, pop hips out, wide stance, and what my coach says i do wrong is i dont move my feet, so make sure u do

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    Use your shoulders to move them to where you can stand up more easily and get hand control. Also keep your head up, and when you get up stay in your stance, a staggered stance preferably, make sure you are using your back pressure right.

    And, always keep coming up if they lift you, get your knees to your chest, ready to explode back up. My coach always tell us not to expect to get out on the first try, and to always be ready for a second, third or fourth try.

    hope this helps.

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    drill them by yourself over and over and over and over and over....

    i drilled them at home during my personal after practice at home wrestling practice i do....and i drilled them for one week and now i have the fastest/best stand-ups on the team

    they dont' take long to get down just be ready to do it multiple times

    oh and try the ref trick for when you in the referree's positon on bottom, he has to breathe to blow the whistle so watch his mouth as you are listening for the whistle

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    Thanks for the advice! I think more back pressure will help because usually guys just drive in to me as I'm trying to stand up. I'll make sure to start watching the ref too.

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    My college coach always told us to pretend we were trying to pee on the ceiling -meaning clear your hips and exaggerate pressing back into your opponent-you work on hand control before you stand up-tilt your head back,shoot your left elbow close to your rib cage then cut away.HEAD UP ,HIPS OUT , BACK STRAIGHT !!

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    A lot of wrestlers use this so called "suck-back" technique to return wrestlers to the mat. It seems easy at first and a lot of the time it will work. However, it's actually pretty dangerous (though if they're using it to pull you back into a crab ride it's a somewhat high percentage move) and you can counter it. Ideally, the first counter is to get good hand control and plant it in what is known as your back pocket (against your hip). If his hands aren't locked, he can't roll you through. If he tries...well, he's dumb, so take advantage of that.

    When you stand up to your feet and you know the guy is going to suck you back (his hands should be locked if he's going to), then take his arms and his lock and move them higher up on your body so that he is locking around your chest. Now, when you feel him starting to suck you back, hit a backwards roll (backwards somersault). Hit it right as you feel him sucking you back. Don't do it in the middle of the suck back, or else he will be able to follow you. You should slip out of his grip and, once you have completed the full backwards roll, come up to your feet and you will be in the neutral position. It is important to make sure that his hands are locked around your chest, not your waist. It is much harder for him to follow you when his hands are locked around your chest than your waist. Sometimes it will still work even if he is locked around your waist, but practice getting his hands high up on your chest.

    The philosophy around this move is "taking him where he wants to be, faster than he wants to be there". You are initiating the move in this situation - sure, you are initiating it off of his motion, but you are creating the motion from that point on.

    It's pretty simple if you break it down like this - right as he tries to suck you back, hit a backwards roll. If you can, get his lock up high on your chest as opposed to your waist. That's it, really. Try it out - it's pretty effective and not a common counter.

    (John Smith's first national title - if you go to about 4:28 you'll see him hit the move to get off bottom)
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    thx every1, Ilovesats, nvr heard of it but i can garrentee imma work it, thx

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