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    This is the last of the three matches when I wrestled the kids in Novice bracket even though I'm only in the intermediate bracket. I wanted to practice my leg riding and when he stood based out with his leg I did the Banana split on him.

    I am 10 years old. My Dad helps me make these posts. Please share your youth wrestling stories with me.

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    It's me Ngao Shoua. Here is a video of me doing the leg split from the standing position again. I won 1st place at this tournament.

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    I missed weight at MNUSA state by 0.2 lbs. I was 65.2 and I needed to be 65.0. When I stepped on the scale it said 65.0 but then changed to 65.2. They had me step on a different scale and it said 65.2 so I missed weight. I won three matches and got a bye and lost 2 matches. It was a 72 man bracket. My friend from Anoka made weight at 65.0 and he won 1st place. My little brother won 2 and lost 2. It was his first year. My sister didn't do well. She won 1 and lost 2 in the boys division and lost both her matches in the girls division. She lost because she didn't defend the headlock takedown well. She needs to work more on that. All in all we had a pretty good year but not as good as we wanted to have but that just means we'll have to work harder.

    Here is a highlight video my Dad made of the 2012/2013 Folkstyle season for us.

    I am 10 years old. My Dad helps me make these posts. Please share your youth wrestling stories with me.

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    I'm jealous because everyone likes my sisters highlight videos more than mine. I can beat her (most of the time) in wrestling. I have a better record than her and I have more pins than her but people watch her videos more than mine and comment on her videos more than mine. Some people say bad things about her on youtube but my Dad usually deletes those comments. They are not happy a girl is wrestling or winning at wrestling.

    Here's a highlight video my Dad made of me wrestling

    Here's a highlight video my Dad made of my sister wrestling

    I am 10 years old. My Dad helps me make these posts. Please share your youth wrestling stories with me.

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    Today I won my first state championship. So did my little brother and my sister. We all went to the Minnesota Jaycees state championships in Albany and we all won first place in our brackets. This was the first time all of us won first place at that same tournament together. It was the last chance we had to do it because this was the last youth wrestling folkstyle tournament we'll be participating at together in Minnesota this year. My sister's last match was a tough won because the kid she was wrestling was really good. My brothers last match was tough too but he won. I pinned the kid I was wrestling against in the championship match in the 2nd period with a half Nelson. Jaycees state was way too easy though. I want to win MN USA state next year so I'll have to work harder. At least we can all say we're state champions though.
    I am 10 years old. My Dad helps me make these posts. Please share your youth wrestling stories with me.

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    Congrats to you and your brother and sister. Good work and keep up the hard work.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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    Keep working hard!

    I like your high single in the first video. That's a good one.
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mavrick View Post
    Hello Spider, thank you for talking with me on here. I've heard of go to moves before. I think my go to moves are the high crotch and the half Nelson. I usually use the crackdown finish for the high crotch.

    Yesterday Augsburg Wrestling Academy hosted a team tournament at Augsburg college. North Saint Paul, South Saint Paul and Tartan had a triangular there. I wrestle on all those teams but North Saint Paul had the fewest people so I represented North Saint Paul to help them. I had a lot of fun but I got hurt in my second match when my friend's knee hit me under the eye on my cheek bone. It hurt a lot but I tried not to cry during the match because my Dad said I should try my best not to cry on the mat unless I really need to because that is honoring the sport and having good sportsmanship. It swelled up a lot and I felt really week and tired.

    I lost the match and when I got off the mat I couldn't help it and I started crying. My Dad said it was okay to cry because he knew it must have hurt really bad and he said I was very brave to have kept wrestling and wait until I got off the mat before I started crying. It hurt really bad and after the match it swelled up even more. My Dad was nice to me and put ice on it for me. I wanted to go home but he had to stay because he had to run the tournament and my mom couldn't come pick me up because she was hosting a baby shower for her sister.

    I kept ice on it and the swelling went down after a while. Then I was really tired and hungry and I really wanted something to eat. My Dad had my sister and I pack lunch for ourselves so I ate our lunch. We packed some things for my Dad but I was so hungry I ate his food too. My sister said she would give her food to my Dad but he said that it was okay and my sister should eat it for herself.

    I didn't wrestle after my 2nd match because I got hurt but my sister wrestled 4 matches. She lost the first but she had her opponent in a cradle and on his back and both his shoulder blades on the mat for about 20 seconds but the referee said one of his shoulders wasn't down so he didn't slap the mat. She won all her other matches. She is becoming famous now. People yell "Don't let her put you in a cradle" when she walks onto the mat. Hey! That's one of Mr. Richardson's "Watch for" moves! They're really saying "Watch out for her cradle"! Haha, that's funny.

    I had to wrestle a 5th grader for my first match but I won in overtime. My Dad said that was his favorite match of the whole year. I watched the video and I need to dig my toes into the mat and drive when I'm on top. I was putting my knees down on the mat a lot. That has been a problem for me last year too. I still need more practice. I'm glad I can watch the video to see how I'm doing.


    Maverick North Saint Paul Vs Tartan 1-15-12 - YouTube

    Maverick's first shiner (black eye). - YouTube
    I just started reading your little blog here. I have enjoyed reading your story and seeing you progress. You are looking good in that overtime win. In OT you did not give up when it looked like you had lost and continued to fight and finish your move. You have a great shot. You have good quickness on that shot also. Keep working and I am sure you will be a real nice asset to your team in school.


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    Hi Whippit, thanks for reading my blog and posting here. I thought no one was left at so I haven't been writing much. Since the last time I wrote I practiced freestyle and practiced over the summer at North High in North Saint Paul. Orlando Ponce from Augsburg College is a Christian now and sometimes we go to Church with him and he comes to visit us at our home and sometimes me and my sister and little brother go to Augsburg and get coached by him. Now we're in Pre-season training at North Saint Paul. We just got back from practice and my Dad said i have to go to bed now. Here is a video of me when I won in triple overtime 2 years ago. The kid was 2 years older than me. The next video is a highlight video at the 3:52 mark it shows when I won a match at the Mn USA state championship by scoring a 5 point move in the last 10 seconds of the match. I was down 4-0 and won 5-4. The last video is me wrestling older kids with more years experience at an open tournament in Wisconsin. I lost my first two matches and got discouraged but my Dad told me when things get bad I need to get more determined not more discouraged so I made my determined face and went out and did my best but I gave up a takedown in the first few seconds and started to get discouraged again but I remembered to get determined so I made my determined face and came back and pinned him and won.

    Thank you for reading my blog and saying nice things to me.

    I am 10 years old. My Dad helps me make these posts. Please share your youth wrestling stories with me.

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