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    Maverick - that is really impressive running. I was never very good at running and used any excuse to get out of it. I would have probably been a better athlete if I had the self discipline to keep running even when I didn't want to.
    Congratulations to the whole family on the new addition. Babies are a lot of work - but they are a lot of pleasure, too. It is great that you have been able to help around the house and take some of the workload off of your mom and dad. One of my chores at home is to empty the trash, too. Sometimes I forget to put a bag in the kitchen trash can after I empty it. That tends to make my wife a little cranky. I am going to have to work on my attitude about rolling the trash cans out to the curb and see if I can't make it seem more like fun. Generally, I do it as I am getting ready to leave for work at 5 in the morning - and nothing seems very much like fun that early.
    Good for you on the bike, too! When I was your age we lived in Illinois in a very small, rural town. I rode my bicycle everywhere! It gave me a great sense of freedom to be that mobile.
    It sounds like your wrestling skills continue to grow. The tournaments you will be going to are going to be a great experience. To become a great wrestler you have to wrestle - and the better the wrestlers you go up against, the better you will be. You are on the right path.
    I really look forward to your posts. Keep us informed as to how things are going.

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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    Thanks Mr. Richardson, sometimes I forget to put a new bag in the trash can too. My Dad keeps telling me to put a new bag in before I take the old bag outside. Fall season for wrestling has started at Augsburg Wrestling Academy and at North Saint Paul. This season Augsburg Wrestling Academy has so many wrestlers it's full so no more can sign up. We have a lot of coaches this season too. Rashad Kennedy, Ryan Cook, Tommy Teigen, and Chad Johnson are coaching for Augsburg Wrestling Academy. Also the Auggies head coach has ran every practice for the High School kids so far. His name is Mark Matzek. I wish Orlando Ponce was coaching for us this season. He coached us last year. Orlando has a really short neck. I have a really long neck. My Dad says wrestlers have strong necks. Jordan Holm also coaches for us this season. He is really big and has a lot of hair. He wrestlers Greco Roman style. I don't like Greco Roman Style as much because you can't do a double leg or single leg or high crotch takedown. You can do a half Nelson in Greco Roman wrestling so that is good. Last year I learned the Russian tie and practiced every week for 10 weeks. The Russian tie is used in Greco Roman wrestling. You can use it in freestyle and folkstyle too. Joey Munoz from South Saint Paul uses the Russian tie a lot. My sister got Joey's autograph. He won over 200 matches in a row and three state championships. My Coach at South Saint Paul is his coach too. I ate chocolate chip ice cream today after dinner. My Dad read Sherlock Holmes to us at the dinner table and then we ate ice cream. My Dad reads a lot of books to us after dinner. So far he's read The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds, The Phantom Tollbooth, King Arthur, and Treasure Island. Now we're reading Sherlock Holmes. So far Sherlock Holmes in my favorite. My Dad says Jordan Holm isn't related to Sherlock Holmes but their names sound a little alike. My real name is Maverick but we couldn't spell it like that for this website because someone else already took that name. So on this website my name is spelled Mavrick instead of Maverick.
    I am 10 years old. My Dad helps me make these posts. Please share your youth wrestling stories with me.

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    I agree with your dad (I think I have said that before!) about neck strength. Along with that, I would really stress grip strength and trunk strength.
    Wow! You have some really impressive coaches. Tell you what. I'll coach you, you send your coaches out to California to work with my team. (Don't take me up on that - you would really be getting the bad end of the bargain.)
    I love that your dad reads to you at dinner. You may, as you get older, start to think that this isn't cool. Especially when your friends start talking about it. There is a lot of research that indicates that kids that eat dinner together with the family do better in school and are less likely to get into trouble. When my girls were growing up we read together and then talked about what we had read. In fact, when my youngest were about your age we stopped television in the house so that we could spend more time talking with each other. It was really tough for me to give up televised football and baseball - but I think it made better people out of my girls. (They complained a bit at the time, but have forgiven me since then.) If you like Sherlock Holmes, you should try Nero Wolfe (written by Rex Stout). That was my favorite detective series. Do you like Science Fiction? Ask your dad to read some Issac Asimov. You might find that interesting. (Try "Starship Troopers" and "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress".) For something fun, but not very serious, for you to read yourself - I love the "Hank, the Cow Dog" series. Actually, your dad may enjoy them too. Maybe you can take turns. He can read Sherlock Holmes to you and you can read Hank to him.
    I love the Russian Tie. I tried to get my daughter to use it in high school. She ignored me. (Long story - and one that will make more sense to you when you get a bit older.) Then she went to college. She came back for Christmas her first year and told me all about this great control - the Russian Tie. O.K.
    I am going to try your trick of putting the bag in the can before I take the trash out. Maybe you will have found the secret to keeping me out of trouble with my wife. I am still working on making the trip to the curb more fun. Good luck with your wrestling this season - and keep us informed of what is going on. I look forward to hearing what you do. Wish your sister well for me, too.

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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    Hi Mr. Richardson, I really like reading what you say here. I only come back to talk see if you wrote something. When I see that you did I am very happy. My sister is her now. She says hi. She is listening to her favorite song now. I think it's called Jesus in disguise. I like that song too. Today we went to North Saint Paul wrestling. They have an introduction to wrestling program in the Fall this year. I like it even though it's easy. My sister and I are still doing our exercises but we're not going running anymore because it's too cold outside. My Dad says the weather is nice in California were to live.

    We finished reading Sherlock Holmes and now we are reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. My little brother picked it out for us to read this time. He likes the Incredible Hulk and they are the same but different. He was hoping Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde would fight Magneto but my Dad said that Magneto is in the comic books and they are different from the books we are reading. My little sister gets to pick the next book for us to read after we are finished with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I want to read Hank the Cow Dog too. My Dad said he will get it for me.
    Do you know any good exercises for trunk strength? I know some for neck strength and grip strength but not trunk strength. Elephants have strong trunks too. My trunk is small and it's stuffed up now because I have a cold.

    We don't watch t.v. except on Saturday mornings for cartoons but we can watch t.v. if we use the DVD player and my Dad gets a DVD for us. We like to watch cartoons on DVD. My Dad watches wrestling DVDs a lot.

    Jordan Holm is very nice. He is a good wrestler and a good coach. He travels all over the world to wrestle. He'll be on New York soon. I've never been to New York but that's the place the world trade center used to be before it was blown up. New York is the name of a city and the name of a state and they are in the same place but the state is bigger than the city. There aren't any sharks there except in the zoo or in the ocean but the ocean is next to New York so it's not in the same place. I've never seen a shark in real life before. They look scary. I really like the Great white shark and the whale shark because it is the biggest shark in the world. My Dad is telling me to go to bed now.

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    I am 10 years old. My Dad helps me make these posts. Please share your youth wrestling stories with me.

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    Your dad is right, the weather here is wonderful - although my wife would prefer that we had more distinct seasons. Today we had "Santa Ana" winds. They are really strong winds that blow in off the Mojave or Sonora desert instead of our usual ocean breezes. The winds got up into the 50 mph range and the temperatures were in the 80s. I don't like the wind very much and would prefer that it be a little cooler.
    There are a lot of good exercises for the trunk. One that I have my wrestlers do is called "Superman" You lie on your stomach with your arms out in front of you. Raise the legs from the hip and the arms from the shoulders off the floor - try to arch your back too. You should look like superman flying! Hold this for a slow 5 count, then relax. Repeat.
    Another good trunk exercise is the "Plank". Here is a site that explains it: The Plank Exercise - Abdominal and Core Strength
    Your comment about your trunk almost got past me without my catching it - but when I read you comments a second time it hit me: FUNNY! Hope your cold is better.
    We have Great Whites here but I have never seen one. Actually, I am O.K. with that. I wouldn't mind seeing one in an aquarium - but not out in the water. I would feel too much like lunch.
    Keep up the wrestling - and the reading. My wife is calling me to dinner - and that is kind of like when your dad says you have to go to bed. I have to go. Before I do, say hello to your sister for me, and to the baby, too.

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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    Hi Mr. Richardson, thank you for responding to my posts. Last week I went to the Auggie Kids Classic at Augsburg College and won first place. It was my first torunament of the year. We can't afford to go to as many tournaments this year because Obama is president. At the Auggie Kids classic I pinned a good wrestler that beat me before at the summer tournament. My Dad says he got tired at the end and ran out of gas. I had a lot of fun. My sister had to wrestle in a bracket with two state champions and an National champion. She did good and almost pinned the national champion but she didn't win. My Dad says she has gotten a lot better and he could tell by watching her. One of my friends wrestled her. He is a state champion. She almost beat him but he turned her in the last period and got 3 back points so she lost by 1 point. She did good though. My little brother Bryce wrestled and got second place. It was his first tournament ever. We were all surprised he did so well because when he practices with us he is always messing around and not paying attention. Woodbury Youth wrestling called my Dad and asked him to help them with their club this year. My Dad already owns Augsburg Wrestling Academy and coaches there and he is also the coach for North Saint Paul but he said he'd help so my brother and sister and I can go to Woodbury and see our friends there again. I hope to wrestle at South Saint Paul again this year too. It's going to be a lot of fun.

    Auggie Kids Classic youth wrestling tournament 2012 - YouTube
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    I am 10 years old. My Dad helps me make these posts. Please share your youth wrestling stories with me.

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    Congrats on the 1st place Mavrick. Keep up the good work. Also, I'm glad your sister and brother are doing well. I used to coach youth wrestling 10 years ago.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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    Thanks Wiltz. My teacher told me there was a basketball player named Wiltz Chamberlin who was good at basketball and the girls liked him. I think that's because more girls pay basketball than wrestle. You have medals next to your name. That's cool. I want to get medals next to my name too. Who do you have to wrestle for that? Because you were a youth wrestling coach you must have a lot of youth wrestling stories. Did you wrestle when you were little? Do you have any youth wrestling stories you can share with us? Today I stayed after school for my science club. On Wednesdays I get to stay after school and we learn about science and make things. I like Pinky and the brain cartoons because the brain is really smart and he's trying to take over the world. I feel like my friends and I are learning to take over the world but most of them are more like Pinky and I want to be more like the brain. After I get back home I go to wrestling practice at North Saint Paul. Today I'm going to try and do grandby rolls during live wrestling. I need to practice those.
    I am 10 years old. My Dad helps me make these posts. Please share your youth wrestling stories with me.

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    I wrestled a little bit when I was younger. And you teacher was talking about Wilt Chamberlain. I grew up in Cedar Rapids, IA and I used to teach so boys from 4-6 years old. I did that for a couple of years and I volunteered and some youth tournaments. Most of the stories I can remember are ones where parents were yelling a lot at me or their kids or the referees.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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