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    Where did everybody go? I have been to about 6 tournaments this year so far. My friends gained more weight than me so I'm not wrestling them anymore at tournaments. I met and wrestled a new kid who is good. I never wrestled him before. I wrestled him at 3 tournaments and lost all 3 times. He does the headlock and front headlock. I got really frustrated during the first match I had with him. I was ahead for most of the match but couldn't do what I wanted. In the last 10 seconds he got me on my back and I lost 5 to 3. I cried hard after that and was really mad. My Dad told me that this year is the year we need to really work on getting my emotions under control and not worrying so much that I can't concentrate during wrestling and can't have fun after. I haven't been doing as well this year as I hoped. I took last place at a tournament this year already. I haven't taken last place since my first year of wrestling. It was a tough bracket. This weekend I took 1st at Spring Lake Park and 1st at Richfield. They were both small tournaments. The week before that I took first at Eden Prairie. I wrestled this kid from Waconia and won in overtime and he was a poor sport and came at me after I won and then yanked my hand instead of shook it and walked away. The ref told him to come back and made him shake my hand. My Dad told him he was a good wrestler then his grandpa talked with him and he came over to me and shook my hand again. He had a better attitude the second time. His grandparents said he took 2nd at NYWA State. NYWA must be for sissies and or something like that. My Dad says I'm just in a slump. I'm having trouble turning my opponents. I've been working on the double leg and I've hit some good double leg takedowns already this year. I'm still having fun even though I'm not doing as well as I wish.

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    I am 10 years old. My Dad helps me make these posts. Please share your youth wrestling stories with me.

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